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Q: Does volume lack physical dimensions
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How do you find the dimensions of a rectangular prism from the volume?

You can't tell the dimensions of a rectangle from its area, or the dimensions of a prism from its volume.

How many dimensions does volume have?

Volume has three dimensions - width, height and depth.

Area is calculated in dimensions and volume is calculated in dimensions?

area is 2, volume is 3

How many dimensions define a volume?

For a box, the dimensions the define a volume would be:Height, Width, and DepthFor a cylinder, the dimensions that define a volume would be:Height and Diameter

What are the dimensions if the volume 48?

The volume doesn't tell the dimensions. It doesn't even tell the shape.

How many different dimensions are there if you have a volume of 84?

Volume always has three dimensions. Area always has two dimensions. Length always has one dimension. Location has no dimensions.

How do you find the mass of an object given the density and dimensions of it?

When we have the dimensions we can find the volume and mass=density*volume

Why is volume in cube units?

Because volume has three dimensions: A line has one dimension: length An area has two dimensions: length and width Volume has three dimensions: length, width and depth.

What are the dimensions of a pint?

A pint is a measure of volume so its dimensions are [L3].

If the dimensions of a triangular prism is doubled what happens to the volume?

Volume is proportional to the cube of the linear dimensions.Double the dimensions ===> volume is multiplied by (2)3 = 8 .

What is the dimension of volume?

The volume of an object has three dimensions and when all three dimensions are multiplied together the product is called the volume which is measured in cubic units.

What are dimensions of volume of a sphere and volume of a cylinder?


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