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Q: Does 100 percent pure aluminum exist?
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Can a 100 percent pure metal get corrod?

yes, a 100 percent pure metal can get corroded. corrosion is a surface phenomena. pure metals are likely to get corroded than the metals with some impurity. for example, aluminum in its purest form (say 100 %) gets corroded easily but when aluminum is exposed to air it forms a thin layer of alumina which in turn prevents the inner layers to get corroded (now purity of aluminum has decreased, say 95%). hence corrosion has got its useful side too!

What orange juices are advertised as '100 percent pure'?

Tropicana is advertised as 100 percent pure and no additives or preservative added. Other juices that are advertised as 100 percent pure are Cranberry juice and Pomegreat juice.

Is all beef a 100 percent pure?


Is 100 percent ethanol a pure substance?

Yes, as long as a substance is 100% (purity), it is considered as a pure substance. But logically, there is no such thing as a pure substance.

Are 100 percent percale cotton sheets pure cotton?

Percale is a treatment for cotton. Your phrase 100 percent indicates the composition of cotton is 100 percent.

How do you cook 100 percent pure heroin?

You don't. Pure heroin is very soluble in water.

What is 100 percent pure pressed juice?

no water or preservatives added

What cast no shadow?

Glass, 100 percent pure water, and light.

What percent of a diamond is made of carbon?

100%, Diamonds are pure carbon

Do water filter aquasure gives 100 percent pure water?

100 per cent!

Do water filter pureit gives 100 percent pure water?

No! 100 percent pure water can generally only be found in labratories and is used for scientific research. If a human being drank 100 percent pure water it would leach the minerals out of your body and may cause death due to mineral deficiencies. Doctor Pellerin M.D.

How many grams are there in 456 liters of H2SO4?

100% pure H2SO4 doesn't exist