Does 1mL equal to 1cm cubed?

Updated: 9/20/2023
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Q: Does 1mL equal to 1cm cubed?
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How many cm cubed is equal to 15ml?

15. 1cm cubed = 1ml.

Which is greater 1cm cubed or 1ml?

Neither. They are identical volumes.

1 mL equals how many cm cubed?

1ml equals 1cm cubed

In the metric system 1cm cubed is equal to what?

1 milliliter

The volume of 1cm cubed is the same as?

It is equal to 1 milliliter of volume

A marble displaces 1.72 ml of water the volume of the marbles is what?

1 mL of water equals 1cm^3 of volume, so 1.72 ml= 1.72 cm

1ml equal to how many cc?

AnsweroneA CC (cubic centimeter), like a ml, is a unit that measures volume. The word "Cube" in cubic centimeter comes from the fact that the length, width, and height of a container (i.e. syringe) are multiplied to obtain a volume. Therefore, a cube that measured 1cm in length, 1cm in width, and 1cm in height would be 13 (one "cubed") = 1cc. Thanks to the graceful interchangeability of the metric system (based on 10s), 1cc = 0.001 liters (1ml).

When changing cm to the third power to ml what is the third power used for?

in cm, the third power means that its is in 3 demensions. so, something that is 4cm to the third power would be the same size as four blocks of wood, where each block is 1cm long, 1cm thick, and 1cm tall (the three demensions of volume). when converting cm cubed(to the third power=cubed) to ml, however, the formula would simply be 1cm cubed=1ml

What is 1ml to 1cm cube?

They are the same.

How many nm3 in a ml?

1mL is 1cm3, and 1cm is 10^7nm so 1mL=1cm^3=10^21nm^3

How far can a car travel on 1cm cubed of fuel?

1 trillion miles on 1cm cubed of fuel

How many mm cubed are in 1cm cubed?