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they dont make a 32 gauage Don't know if Baikal makes one, but 32 gauge shotguns are available in Europe according to Cartridges of the World. No US company has loaded these shells for at least 60 years.

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โˆ™ 2005-11-17 05:06:59
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Q: Does Baikal sell a 32 gauge side by side shotgun?
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What is the value of a Baikal izh-43k side by side classic 12 gauge coach hunting shotgun?

50-400 usd

Is the Remington Spartan side by side cowboy shotgun the same as a Baikal or made by Baikal?


What is the difference between 1187 Remington and the Baikal auto shotgun made by Remington?

Baikal isn't made buy Remington; it just has the name stamped on the side. It is made by baikal of russia

Is a 20 gauge shotgun with KK on the side worth anything?

what is 20 gauge shotgun with kk worth

8 gauge shotgun side by side?

Market or kiln gun

How much is a Brazil made boito 12 gauge side by side double trigger shotgun worth?

i bought mine for 300 but seen them sell for 250-400

What BSS 20 gauge?

This is a Browning Side by Side shotgun (Double Barrel) for a 20 Gauge shotshell. The production of the BSS side-by-side shotgun began in 1978. The Sidelock model was introduced in 1983. Production ceased in 1987.

What is the value of a boito 20 gauge side by side shotgun it has 234 chambers and was made in Brazil?

i have a boito 12 ga o/u, you can get anywhere from 150 to 225 out of it if you want to sell it.

What is the age of a 12 gauge Lefever side by side shotgun serial 233396?


16 gauge side-by-side shotgun?

Yes, they have been made by many companies

What is a 20 gauge side by side eagle arms shotgun worth?

150 USD

Can you shoot steel shot in 20 gauge Baikal side by side with screw in choke tubes?

Only with cylinder and improved cylinder choke tubes.

What is the value of a crescent arms 410 gauge side by side shotgun?

50-200 USD

What is the value of a 1975 boito 410 gauge side by side shotgun?

50-250 USD

Price on 12 gauge side by side j c Higgins shotgun?


What is a western field 12 gauge side by side shotgun serial number 30415 worth and what year is it.?

The Western Field 12 gauge side by side shotgun, serial number 30415 is valued at $225 in excellent condition. In fair condition it is valued at $125.

What year was this shotgun made 2169?

What shotgun?You need to list the maker of the shotgun,model number if there,type of shotgun(single shot,pump,semi-auto,over under,side by side.)gauge of shotgun(410,28,20,16,12)so that we can help you.

Where can you find a schematic for the Remiongton SPR 221 made by Baikal?

Did you a mean Remington SPR220? Remington SPR220 is a side-by-side shotgun. You can get a schematic of this fine shotgun from down loading the owners manual from Remington. Kathleen

Is the Stevens Savage Arms model 311 A12 gauge side by side shotgun type A or type B?


What is the age of a 12 gauge Oxford side by side shotgun serial 36535?

50-100 years.

Did Crescent Firearms manufacturer a side by side 12 gauge shotgun for Howard firearms co?


When did crescent firearms make the peerless model side by side 20 gauge shotgun?

1901 till1930

What is the value of a rossi side by side 12 gauge shotgun fairly new in mint condition?


What is the price of a 16 gauge JC Higgins model 1017 side by side shotgun with 2 34 in chambers full choke?

A fully functional utility double-barrel shotgun should sell between $150 and $250, depending on condition. Being a 16 gauge will increase the value a bit in some areas of the country and reduce it in other places.

Where can you get parts for a 12 gauge Rev-O-Noc side by side shotgun?

There are some sources for Crescent shotgun parts, but it is very possible that parts will have to be repaired/made.