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Context language consists of words that create positive or negative associations

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Q: Does Context consists of words that create positive or negative association?
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Context language consists of words that create positive or negative associations?


What does wild men wild love in the poem mean?

Well, not having the context of the poem, I am not sure. However, it seems to be saying that with wild men, you get wild love. This could be positive or negative, depending on the context of the poem, but is probably a positive association.

Is placid negative or positive?

It depends on the context. It may mean quiet, unruffled (positive) or it could mean too laid back to do anything (negative).

True or false context language consist of words that create positive or negative associations?


How can you tell when to put the 'positive and negative' sign when you square root something?

The square root is generally positive or negative and it is only the context of the question that will tell you whether it is the positive root or the negative root. For example, if you are solving for the lengths of the sides of a square, a negative measure makes no sense so it must be the positive root.

Is everyone a positive word?

It depends. Everyone can have either a positive or negative connotation. It really depends on the way that it is said. If it is written, you can pick up on the correct connotation using the context it is in (context clues).

What does it mean when you get called a horse?

This is the sort of thing that needs context. It could be either positive or negative. Positive: Big, strong Negative: Big (in the sense of "ungainly"), ugly ("horse-faced" is not a compliment).

Is nerdy a positive or negative adjective?

"Nerd" or "nerdy" is generally considered derogatory, while the similar "geek" is starting to be sometimes used in a positive context.

Is assertive a positive connotation?

People use with word with both positive and negative connotations. To answer the question, one would need to know something about the context.

How do you determine if the critical z value of a standard normal distribution is positive or negative?

Use the context: if the variable should be greater than the mean then z is positive and if less than the mean, it should be negative.

Is wise a positive connotation?

"Wise" can have either a positive or negative connotation, depending on context. Wise scholars are considered with approval. Wise asses, not so much.

Does positive and negative contrast or repel?

They will always contrast. Whether or not they will repel depends on the context. In electromagnetism they do not repel. In people, they might.

How can you work out which leg is the negative and which is the positive?

The answer will depend on the context in which the legs are defined. Since no information on that is provided, it is not possible to give a more helpful answer.

In what context does Jane Eyre say the shadows are just as important as the light?

the negative personal traits are as important about the person as the positive ones

Are there positive things about the Statue of Liberty?

no, its a shrine to Lucifer.

Why are developer contributions to a Home Owners Association considered a liability?

Your answer depends on the context of the term 'liability'. If it is used in the context of the association's financials, the treasurer or auditor can give you an answer. In another context, you may need a realtor, or association manager or attorney to give you the answer you want.

How can you say nazar lag jayegi in English?

well it depends on the context. if you want to say in positive context that we can say all eyes on you. In negative sense we can say evil eye means buri nazar

Is credit a positive or negative word?

It depends a bit on the context, but usually it is positive, like in: "giving someone credit for something". Checking someone's credit rating means seeing if he is good for his financial obligations.

What is literary context?

literary context consists of the historical and topical information surrounding a specified point in a literary work.

What is the meaning of positive?

In the context of mathematics, 'positive' means more than zero.

Does the word dragged have a negative connotation?

Depending on the context, it can.

Is 0.44 a strong positive?

0.44 is a number, and it is positive. Whether it is "strong" would depend on the context.

Refers to the feeling, association, and implications a word might have?

context clues -apex

Philip2 spain 3 positive and 3 negative?

There is insufficient information for us to even begin to understand this question. Please edit the question to include more context or relevant information.

What does FA stands for?

This very much dependent on the context. Assuming football (soccer) is the context F.A. stands for Football Association. The term soccer rather than being an Americanism was originally a British slang term for association football. Soccer being derived from the "soc" in association.

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