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No longer.

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Q: Does Germany use Fahrenheit to measure temperature?
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Do you measure temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit?

Americans are the only ones that use Fahrenheit to measure temperature. Everyone else uses Celsius.

What are 2 units that scientist use to measure temperature?

To measure temperature, scientists use:KelvinCelsiusFahrenheit.

Do scientist use Celsius or Fahrenheit to measure temperature?


What does the US use to measure the everyday temperature?

°F [Degree's Fahrenheit]

What are three units that are use to measure temperature?

Fahrenheit, Celsius and Kelvin

What unit would you use to measure the temperature of a glass of lemonade?

Celsius or Fahrenheit

What are two units that scientist use to measure temmpeture?

The units that scientists use to measure temperature are: Celsius Fahrenheit Kelvin

What unit of measure is used to measure earth's heat?

Use temperature measurements to measure heat (i.e. Fahrenheit and Celcius)

What standard unit is used to measure temperature?

Usually it would be degrees Fahrenheit (°F).

What is the common unit of temperature?

The three standard units of temperature is Kelvin, Fahrenheit and Celsius.

The unit used to measure temperature?

You use degrees to measure temperature. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Degrees Fahrenheit (°F), degrees Celsius (°C), or Kelvins (K).

What unit of measurement would you use to measure temperature?

There are three different units of measure for temperature, degrees Fahrenheit, degrees Celsius, or Kelvins. (Degrees are not used with Kelvins.)