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Kentucky Bluegrass will have more density in the blade and be a thicker grass, but not by much. Bluegrass also requires cooler weather and more shade, so if you live in a hot, dry, arid climate I would use Fescue. No one will ever know.

Keep in mind that there is more than one type of Fescue.

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Q: Does Kentucky bluegrass or fescue grass have a thicker denser blade?
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Is Kentucky bluegrass darker in color than fescue?

Yes it usually is.

What different types of grasses can be found in North America?

Cool Season Type Grasses: Bentgrass, Kentucky Bluegrass, Rough Bluegrass, Red Fescue, Annual Ryegrass, Perennial Ryegrass. Typical Transition Zone Grasses: Kentucky Bluegrass; Tall Fescue; Perennial Ryegrass; Thermal Blue; Zoysiagrass. Warm Season Type Grasses: Bahia, Bermuda Grass; Buffalo Grass; Carpet Grass; Centipede; St. Augustine Grass; Zoysiagrass

What kind of seed mix is the quick lawn as seen on TV?

Cindy Lou Creeping Red Fescue Kelly Kentucky Bluegrass Gator 3 Perennial Ryegrass Keystone Perennial Rygrass Proportions not disclosed.

What is the best kind of grass seed to plant in heath Ohio?

A mixture of bluegrass & creeping fescue.

Name some Monocots?

Corn (maize), wheat, barley, rye, oats, fescue, bluegrass, etc.

How late into winter can you lay sod?

As long as you can work the ground you can install fescue/bluegrass. Can ZOYZIA sod be placed in January ?

What is Canada green grass seed?

It contains:53.2 % Creeping red fescue23.4 % Annual Rye grass14.1 Perennial Rye grass4.4 % Kentucky BluegrassThese numbers were on the bag as required.

What has the author Richard John Early written?

Richard John Early has written: 'Kentucky Bluegrass and Red Fescue straw composition, digestibility, and utilization in wintering cow rations' -- subject(s): Animal nutrition, Feeding and feeds, Cattle

How many pounds of grass seed to cover one acre?

Calculate the square footage of your yard. Determine which type of seed you will be using. There are some variations in amount of seed needed depending on the type of seed used. Some common types are Kentucky Bluegrass and Tall Fescue. Kentucky Bluegrass requires two to three pounds for each 1,000 square feet. Tall Fescue requires six to eight pounds for each 1,000 square feet. Calculate the total pounds of seed needed. Divide the total square feet of your lawn by 1,000. Then multiply that number by the pounds of seed needed per 1,000 square feet.

What is the setting on a Scott's speedy green 2000 spreader for fescue and blue grass blend for overseeding?


What are the different Types of grasses?

One different type of grass is perennial ryegrass. There's also bent grass, rough bluegrass, red fescue, Bahia grass, and centipede grass.

How long does it take Kentucky 31 fescue to germinate in the fall with daytime temperatures ranging from 65 to 70 degrees?

7-21 days

Are some grass seed varieties safer for pets than others?

Yes, some grass seed varieties are safer for pets than others. For example, Bermudagrass, Kentucky Bluegrass, and Tall Fescue may be considered particularly pet-friendly. They respond to heavy traffic and playful pets by producing attractive, thick growth and re-growth nicely and quickly.

What type of grass is best for cattle?

Pretty well all types of grasses. Brome, Fescue, Bluegrass, Orchard grass, and Wheatgrass are just a few of the many types of grasses that are grown for cattle to graze and are grown to be used as hay.

When is the best time of year to plant fescue seed?

The best time to plant fescue is in the fall.

What is the best grass seed for Indiana?

Tall Fescue, Red Fescue, Ryegrass/Annual/Perennial, KY Bluegrass, KY-31, and Bentgrass are a few good choices. Late summer/early fall planting of grass is considered better than spring planting. Fall planting gives new grass two complete growing seasons before it goes through the hot, dry summer of the following year.

What is fescu?

Try "Fescue"

How do you kill tall fascue grass?

The only thing I have found that will kill tall fescue or creeping fescue is "Roundup."tm

Can rye grass be sown along with fescue grass?

Yes but make sure the fescue has been close first before you apply the rye grass, otherwise the fescue, which is a very competitive grass, will take over the ryegrass.

What herbicide kills Bermuda grass but not fescue?

Ornamec over the top by PBI/ Gordan will kill Bermuda in fescue & Zoysia grass. Using it on Fescue is best done in the spring when Bermuda starts actively growing & just before dormancy in the fall. Follow the directions carefully & do not over mix as it can kill fescue. The herbicide will put fescue in stress, but will come back green in about 2weeks or less. Be sure to apply to a healthy stand of fescue that is not already stressed from low water, extreme heat, & soil pH levels.

Is a fescue a monocot or dicot?


How can a cow lose its tail?

Fescue toxicity from the Endophyte fungus that is found in Tall Fescue. That and genetic diseases that can cause a calf to be born without a tail.

Names of grasses?

Tnere are literally thousands, but heres a few common ones you'll see on lawns:Kentucky Bluegrass - Poa pretensisAnnual Bluegrass - Poa annuaCreeping Bentgrass - Agrostis stoloniferaRed Fescue - Festuca rubraPerennial Ryegrass - Lolium perenneCommon Bermuda grass - Cynodon dactylonZoysia - Zoysia sp.Latin names are in italics.

Can horses eat fiscue grass?

Yes, tall fescue is one of the major cool season grasses that horses love. One of the most used is Kentucky-31. The Rebels brand tall fescue is designed for athletic turf, but I use this on my horse trails. Then when the heat returns I grow Tifton 85(veg.) Bermuda grass for forage, and for the trails I use athletic Bermuda Riviera and Princess 77(both from seed).

What is a word that rhymes with rescue?

fescue- type of grass