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no they do net sells a 10 round magazine for the Savage 93r17.

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โˆ™ 2011-12-28 18:35:30
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Q: Does Savage make a ten round clip for the 17HMR model 93R17F?
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Does Savage make clips with a capacity of more than 5 for the 17HMR model 93R17?

12/27/01 Savage doesnt make one but you can get a 10 round magazine from specifically for the Savage 93r17. Savage does not make clips for the 93r17 with any other capacity other than 5. you can purchase extra clips on the savage website. i also found Savage 93r17 clips at my local academy

Is there a 30-round clip for Stevens model 62 22lr?

Stevens model 62 savage arms 22 caliber/30 round clip

Where can you find a magazine clip for a Savage model 842 30-30?

A Savage model 340 3-round 30-30 magazine will work for the 842. Check with Numrich-----845-679-2417

Where can you find a clip for a Savage Model 93R17? has 10 round magazines for the Savage 93r17...AnswerShould be the same magazine as a .22WMR Or check here

How old is wards westernfield 22 rifle model 80?

If your Wards western field is marked M080,then you have a Savage model 29&model 75.The model 29 was made by Savage from 1929-1967.these were a .22cal slide action rifle with a 22 in barrel in a octagon shape until 1940,and round shape after World War II.I believe that these were re introduced in the 1960,s as the Savage model 75.

Savage 22 model 64 would like to know if there is a magazine available larger than 10 round capacity?


Where can you find a magazine for a savage model 7j 22 auto?

Savage sells new 5 and 10 round mags but the back edge will need to be filed down a bit to fit easily

What round does a Savage Arms Model 59 A use?

I cannot find a "Savage Model 59A" in any reference book - are you certain of the model number? There is a common Savage rifle, the Model 99A, which was chambered for .303, .30-30, or .300 Savage. The caliber markings will be on the barrel. If it is a .22 then it is almost always chambered for .22 Long Rifle. If it is chambered for .22 short, it will be marked as such. If in doubt, take the gun to a local gunsmith for a professional appraisal. The savage arms 59a is a bolt action 410 shotgun. Should have Stevens name on it above savage arms corporation.

What is the history of the Savage model 74 rifle?

The savage/Stevens model 74 single shot falling block action rifle was made from 1972-1989.It is chambered in .22LR caliber with a 22in round barrel,open sights,color case hardened frame,and a straight stock.

What caliber round does a savage 308 shoot?


What is the value of a 410 Savage Springfield Model 18c bolt-action shotgun with a 5 round clip?

well i just payed 100 dollars for one without a clip

What does the barrel of a savage 32-40 look like?


What year Savage rifle model 29B made?

Your Savage model 29B was made from 1929-1967.The early made rifles had a 22in.octagon barrel until 1940.All barrels were round after 1945.The pre war rifles also had open sights and a checkered pistol grip stock.After the war all stocks were plain uncheckered wood.

What is the year and value of a Savage Arms 22 Model 29 pump rifle serial number 128250?

I dont know of a particular serial number breakdown for the Savage Model 29. A good rule of thumb for that model is that octagon barrels are pre-WW2, round barrels after. Value is based on condition. Without knowing that, figure on a low of $50 for a parts gun to $300 for an excellent example.

Is there a high cap magazine for 17 hmr savage?

Yes sells a 10 round magazine for the Savage 93r17 (factory is 5 rnd) No

30 round clips for savage 64?

I have been looking. Does not look like there are any savage 64 clips larger than 10 rounds.

Why is the globe round?

A globe is round as it shows the model of the Earth.

What is the value of a 303 savage model 99 SN113129?

It would be hard to determine the value of your model 1899 savaqe need to include if the rifle in question has a octagon barrel or round barrel,barrel length,if your rifle is engraved etc.these model 1899 rifles were produced between the years 1899-1922.The serial number provided shows that your firearm was produced in 1911.Please fill in the questions on this rifle and I will be better able to provide a answer as to the value of your savage.

Value of savage model 29 22 Cal octagon barrel checkered grips?

About $400-$450, dependng on condition. Octagonal barrel indicates made before WW II, changed to round barrel after the war.

Where to buy a spare magazine for savage 93R17 rifle? sells a 10 round magazine for the Savage 93r17 Try numrich guns part corp.They can be found on the web.

What is the round model of earth?

A globe

What can you tell me about a 32 cal savage pistol serial 214891?

Since Savage made three different semi-automatic pistols in .32 ACP it is lucky that they used a continuous serial number system. S/N 214891 should be a model 1907. There were some 14 versions of the model 1907 in .32 ACP made starting in 1908 and ending in 1920. Based on the serial number, yours should be the last version of the model 1907, the model 1907-19 Modification #2, made in 1919 or 1920. About 26,400 were made of that particular version. It is most notable because the cocking burr used on earlier model 1907s was replaced by a cocking spur (as found on the model 1917), although that had been an option on earlier versions. Savage model 1907s are sometimes mis-identified as a "model 1905" or "model 1910". There were no such Savage pistols; the Savage semi-automatics were the model 1907, the model 1915, and the model 1917, all made in both .32 ACP and in .380 ACP. However, when looking for information or parts for the model 1907, it is important to remember to check under 1905 and 1910 as well. When the Savage pistols came out, their 10-round magazine (.32 ACP only -- the .380 ACP magazine held 9 rounds) was a major selling point -- no other pistol at the time held as many rounds. There was also a .45 Savage pistol of the same design (but larger), developed in hopes of winning a US Army contract; it was the only other finalist against the Colt 1911, which won the contract and became the standard US military sidearm until relatively recently. Only a few hundred of these Savage pistols were made, and they are highly prized.

Where can I get a 5 round clip for a savage 64f 22 cal?

Try online at Numrich Gun Parts

Shotgun price guide?

I have a Stevens, Savage Arms Corp Model 258b, 20 gauge bolt action shotgun with a three round mag. I know it was made prior to 1968 as it has no serial numbers anywhere. I was wondering what that would be worth?

Where can you get an extended magazine for savage 64?

they only make a 10 round magazine so far. hopefully someone (preferably savage) will step up to the plate and come up with a higher capacity mag.