Does a bar of soap have volume?

Updated: 9/26/2023
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Yes it does. It has height, width and length. As you use it, the volume becomes less as the bar becomes smaller.

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Q: Does a bar of soap have volume?
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What is the Volume of a bar of soap?

12 cubic inches

Would you add a small bar of soap of the same volume of soap powder to some water when washing clothes?

No, you cannot use bar soap in place of powdered soap when washing clothes - unless you are washing by hand. Powdered and liquid soaps are designed to disperse quickly into the wash water, bar soaps will not do that. After the washing process, bar soap may remain as a bar (although a bit smaller) and then the rinse steps will not be effective at removing residual soap.

What is bar soap?

Soap shaped as bar

How do you turn hard bar soap into soft soap?

- Liquid soap (a soap prepared with potassium hydroxide) cannot be turned in solid soap. It is prepared especially to be liquid.- Melted soap (prepared with sodium hydroxide) can be solidified after adding a small quantity of sodium chloride and by cooling to room temperature.

Is a soap bar a mixture?

Soap is a mixture.

Is liquid hand soap in pump more expensive than bar soap?

liquid soap is more bar soap lasts longer...

I need a bar graph on which soap is better. Liquid or bar soap?

liquid soap is better because who wants to use someone old nasty bar soap with all of that sick sweat for other people not me

Is dove bar soap ivory soap?


What is the history of soap carving?

a carving into a bar of soap

What do you call a bar of soap that does not clean?

Drunken and bubbleless. Barred soap, check the bar's soap list

Why if you cut a bar of soap in half the density doesn't change?

Density refers to a given mass in a certain volume, so the volume and mass would both become smaller by he same amount.

Can you carry bar soap on an airplane?

A bar of soap isn't in liquid form, so shouldn't be a problem.