Does a circle have equal sides?

Updated: 12/22/2022
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circles dont have sides

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Q: Does a circle have equal sides?
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What is a shape which does not have equal sides?

circle The shape that does not have equal sides is a circle

Are the sides of a circle equal?

A circle has no sides

What has no equal angles no equal sides no parallel sides?

A circle or a sphere

What shape with no equal sides?

i think that a circle is a shape with no equal sides

I have no equal sides?


What has zero equal sides?

It is a circle.

What doesn't have equal sides?

a circle

What is a shape that has no equal angles or sides?

A circle?

Is a circle a 2 dimensional square?

NO. A square has 4 equal sides with the sides perpendicular each other. A circle has infinite sides.

What is a shape called with 0 equal sides?

a circle

Shape that has not got equal sides?

semi circle

What shape has no parrel sides and no equal angles?