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No. In North America a double pole breaker is used to obtain a voltage of 240 volts from the distribution panel. What ever the amperage rating stamped on the handle of the breaker is, that is the amperage that the breaker will trip at.

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Q: Does a double pole breaker double the amperage?
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Does a double 50 amp breaker make a 100 amp?

No, a double pole 50 amp breaker protects a 240 volt supply at 50 amps. The number that is on the handle of the breaker is the amperage that the breaker will trip at if an overload occurs on the circuit.

What amperage is a dual 60 amp breaker?

120 amps The above answer is wrong. A 60 amp breaker is designed to trip at 60 amps be it a single pole, double pole or a triple pole that is used on three phase equipment. The number on the handle of a breaker is the trip capacity.

What is the difference between a single pole breaker and a double pole breaker?

A single pole breaker is made or used to protect the panel buss for 110 volt devices, A double pole breaker protects the buss for 220 volt devices.

Should you buy double pole breaker or single pole?

Use of a double pole breaker or a single pole breaker depends entirely on the application. If you don't know about the application, contact a qualified electrician in your area.

How many pole breaker for air condition?

If the power requirement is 120 volts it will be connected to a single pole breaker rated at the amperage requirement of the air conditioner. If the voltage of the air conditioner is 240 volts, then a two pole breaker will be required.

Can a double pole 30 amp breaker be used as a 15 amp single pole breaker?

No, it is a 30 amp breaker on each side. Remove it and install a 15 amp single pole breaker.

Can a 220 VAC breaker be single pole or does it have to always be a double pole breaker?

U.S. 240 VAC breakers are always double pole since they are protecting two legs of the circuit.

Can you use a 25 amp double pole breaker for a 240 heavy duty whirlpool dryer.?

The recommended breaker for dryers is 30 amps. If you want to do the calculation to see if a 25 amp breaker will work use the following formula. W = A x V, A = W/V. Find the wattage of the unit and divide it by 240 volts to get the amperage. If the amperage is under 25 amps then the breaker will work. If the amperage is over 25 amps then a 30 amp breaker on #10 wire will be needed.

Can a double pole 20 amp breaker be used with 12-2 wire for a single 220 circuit?

The term "double pole" usually means a breaker with 2 handles that attaches in the space as a normal single pole breaker. If this is what you mean, no, you cannot. There is no potential, or voltage, between the wire terminals. If by "double pole" you mean what is usually called a 2-pole breaker, which is a breaker with 2 handles that attaches in the space of 2 single pole breakers, then yes, you can use this breaker and 12/2 wire to produce a 220v circuit.

Where is the double-pole circuit breaker located?

before the load

Is a double throw 15amp breaker the same as a 30 amp breaker amp?

You have a double pole breaker for 240Volt supply. The maximum current is 15 amp.

Is a 2 pole 30 amp circuit breaker equivalent to two single pole 15 amp circuit breakers?

No, the number on the handle of the breaker is the maximum amount of amperage the breaker will handle before it trips. A two pole breaker is handling 240 volts. A single pole breaker handles 120 volts. Each of the "hot" wires from the two pole breaker has a potential of 120 volts to the neutral wire, but 240 volts from one "hot" wire to the other "hot" wire.

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