Does a hemisphere have right angles?

Updated: 12/21/2022
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Q: Does a hemisphere have right angles?
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Out of these shapes tetrahedron cuboid hemisphere octahedron cone hexagonal prism have no edges perpendicular to each cther that is none of the edges is at right angles to another at a vertex?


When sound waves enter the right ear which hemisphere receives the primary information?

Sound waves entering the right ear are primarily processed by the left hemisphere of the brain. The left hemisphere is responsible for language processing and analytical functions, which includes decoding and interpreting auditory information from the right ear.

The angles in a rectangle are all?

... right angles, by definition of a rectangle.... right angles, by definition of a rectangle.... right angles, by definition of a rectangle.... right angles, by definition of a rectangle.

How many right angles do a kite have?

A kite has 4 right angles (all angles of the kite are right angles), since the kite is parallel. If the kite was cyclic, then 2 right angles. And if normal kite, then 0 right angles.

Describe the “clock” direction of surface currents in the Northern Hemisphere.?

The Coriolis effect shifts surface currents by angles of about 45 degrees. In the Northern Hemisphere, ocean currents are deflected to the right, in a clockwise motion. In the Southern Hemisphere, ocean currents are pushed to the left, in a counterclockwise motion.

Is dopamine located in the left or right hemisphere?

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that is distributed across multiple areas of the brain, including both the left and right hemispheres. It plays a key role in regulating functions such as movement, motivation, pleasure, and reinforcement.

Do a rectangle have right angles?

Yes, a rectangle has right angles. In fact it has 4 right angles.

Do all angles of a rectangle are right angles?

Yes, the 4 inside angles are right angles

How many angles and how many right angles in a square?

4 right angles, no other angles.

How many angles and right angles does a regular hexagon have?

It has 6 angles, none of which are right angles.

Does a kite always have 4 right angles?

No, the angles aren't right angles.

Does quadrilateral have to have right angles?

No, if it has right angles it is a special case, such as rectangle, but in general it does not have to have any right angles