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yes. in fact, it has 6 symmery points.....

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Q: Does a hexagon have a symmery point?
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Does a hexagon have a line of symmetry or point symmery or neither or both?


How many lines of symmery does a trapezium have?


How many degrees rotational symmery does an rectangle have?

It has two.

Do a hexagon have point symmetry?

It can, but need not.

How can you divide a hexagon into 8?

Select any point inside the hexagon and draw a line segment to any point on the boundary of the hexagon. Draw 7 more such segments. These will divide the hexagon into 8 parts. The parts will not be equal but that was not a requirement of the question.

Which regular polygon could actually fit around a point leaving no gaps?

Triangle, quadrilateral or hexagon. Triangle, quadrilateral or hexagon. Triangle, quadrilateral or hexagon. Triangle, quadrilateral or hexagon.

If a hexagon has a radius center to point of angle of 6 what is the side of the hexagon?

27times square root of 3

How many triangles are formed by the diagonals from six vertices of a hexagon?

The three major diagonals in an ordinary hexagon do not intersect at the same point. Therefore, in such a hexagon, the diagonals form 111 triangles.

How do you calculate the area of an hexagon?

Draw lines from point to point and now you have six triangles to calculate

How do you divide a hexagon into twelve equal parts?

Assuming the hexagon is equilateral (all six sides are the same length) 1) Draw a straight line from each angle in the hexagon (where the sides meet each other) to the angle on the opposite side of the hexagon. You have divided the hexagon into 6 parts now. 2) Find the center point of each line forming the sides of the hexagon. Draw a line from each center point to the opposite side's center point so that all lines drawn are at right angles to the sides. You will have 12 equal parts

How do you draw lines of symmetry lines in a regular hexagon?

From each vertex to its opposite vertex. These will be centered on a shared point at the center of the hexagon. Each complete line will be a line of symmetry for the hexagon.

Which is a quick way to add a hexagon to your slide using the Drawing toolbar?

in the autoshapes menu, point to basic shapes and select the hexagon shape.