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Not normally

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Q: Does a irregular quadrilateral have equal sides and angles?
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Definition for irregular quadrilateral?

Answer: A regular quadrilateral is one with equal sides and equal angles, so it is a square. To negate this definition, we say an irregular quadrilateral is one where the sides are unequal or the angles are unequal OR BOTH. In simpler terms, we could say it is a quadrilateral which is not a square.

What shape has doesn't any 3 sides or any angles that are equal?

An irregular quadrilateral.

Is a rhombus a regular or irregular?

A rhombus is an irregular 4 sided quadrilateral because although it has 4 equal sides it does not have 4 equal interior angles.

What 2d shape has 2 equal sides no right angles and no lines of symmetry?

An irregular quadrilateral.

What is a polygon with 4 unequal sides called?

A polygon whose sides are not equal is known as an irregular polygon. A regular polygon has equal sides and angles.

What is a quadrilateral with no equal sides and 4 right angles called?

It's impossible for a quadrilateral to have no equal sides and have right angles.

Which irregular polygon has 4 sides and 4 angles?


What is the name of the shape that has interior angles of a quadrilateral with no common sides?

That's an irregular quadrilateral.

A quadrilateral has no equal sides and no equal angles what type of quadrilateral is this?

There is no specific name for such a quadrilateral.

What is a quadrilateral with four right angles and equal sides?

A square is a quadrilateral with four equal sides and four right angles.

What is a quadrilateral with equal sides but not equal angles?

A rhombus

What is a quadrilateral with equal angles but not equal sides?

A rectangle