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Of course it has a length and width

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Q: Does a measurement have two parts?
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Related questions

What are two parts of a measurement?

The two essential parts of a measurement are the number and its unit.

Does a measurement have 2 parts?

yes it does have two parts. it has a number and a unit

What are the two parts that make up a measurement?

A numerical value and a measurement unit.

Which describes the two parts of a measurement?

a number and a unit

What two parts make up a measurement?

A number and a unit make up a measurement.

What are the two parts in measurement?

The magnitude or numerical value and the units used.

What two parts must your answer have in order for a measurement to be valid?

the quantitythe units

Why does measurement always consist of two parts?

First part is numerical value and second part is its unit of measurement

What two parts does every measurement need?

metric system and English system

What describes the two parts of a measurement?

Accuracy. How close you are to your expected value. Precision. How close together you values are.

What are the two parts of a measurement?

-the quantity (magnitude,numerical value). -the units (in inch,meter,light year).

What are two parts of a science question?

The two part of science question are CAUSE and EFFECT relationship. also exact measurement and calculation.

Why does every measurement have two parts?

What two parts are you referring to? Do you mean the number and the unit?There are measurement and units.Example:Length is the measurement and metres/meters is the unit;Volume is the measurement and litres/liters or cubic meters is the unit;Current is the measurement and Ampere/ Amps is the unit.That would be a lot like the reason that every price has two parts ... like "ten" and "dollars" .A measurement doesn't mean anything to you until you know what the unit is andhow many of them there are.Example: I could tell you that on the way home yesterday I bought 3, paid 4.5 for them, drank 1 with dinner, then sat down and watched TV for 15, then went to bed and slept for only 20.

A collective noun or unit of measurement which refers to two or more separate parts requires?

A collective noun or unit of measurement which refers to two or more separate parts requires a verb for a plural.Examples:Several mobs of people aremoving toward the courthouse.Three cups of flour arerequired for this recipe.

What are the 2 parts of a measurement?

it has a number and a unit

What is the measurement of the parts of a football field?


What is the formula of amps convert to volts?

Amps and volts are two separate parts of power measurement and do not convert into each other. Multiplying amps times volts will give you the measurement of wattage.

How was measurement done in olden time?

In olden times, measurement was done using the body parts.

What is two imperial units of linear measurement?

What is two imperial unit of linear measurement

Two kinds of measurement?

two types of measurement in culinary arts are liquid and dry measurements:>

Which is not a measurement of the International System of Units?

parts per billion

Length is the measurement of (blank) between two points?

Length is the measurement of distance between two points.

How much does one part measure when cooking?

As an example, if the recipe calls for one part water to two parts soy sauce, you might use 1/4 cup of water and 1/2 cup of soy sauce. In other words, double the measurement of the one-part ingredient to come up with the measurement of the two-parts ingredient.

What unit of measurement is used for Chlorine?

PPM or parts per million

What are the Advantages of using body parts in measurement?