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only if the positive fraction is "larger" than the negative one.

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Q: Does a negative fraction plus a positive fraction equal a positive fraction?
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Related questions

Does a negative Fraction plus a negative Fraction equal a positive or negaive?

negative -1/2+-1/2 = -1

A positive plus a positive equals?

A positive plus a positive will equal a positive. However a negative minus a negative will not equal a negative. It will equal a positive.

What does a positive fraction plus a negative fraction equal?

The sum will take on the sign of whichever one is greater.

Does a negative plus a positive equal a positive?

No it equals negative. (-)+(+)=(-)

Why does a positive minus a negative equal a positive?

Because "minus a negative" is tha same as "plus a positive". So, a positive minus a negative is a positive plus a positive which is a positive.

What is positive 1 plus negative 10 equal?

1 plus negative 10 is equal to -9.

Positive plus negative is equal to?

Negative answer if the negative number is bigger. Positive answer if the positive number is bigger.

What is blood type A positive plus A negative equal?

A positive

Does a negetive number plus a positive number equal a negetive number?

Not necessarily. A negative number plus a positive number can be negative, zero or positive.

What does positive 4 plus negative 7 equal?

The answer is negative 3.

What does a positive number plus a negative number equal?

A negative number.

What does positive 2 plus negative 4 equal?

negative 2

What does positive 396 plus negative 400 equal to?

negative 4

What does positive five plus negative nine equal to?

its negative 4........

What is negative 5 plus positive six equal?

positive 1

What does negative 1 plus positive 5 equal?

Positive 4

What does negative 30 plus positive 40 equal?

positive 10

What does positive 62 plus negative 6 equal?

positive 56

Does a negative number plus a negative number equal a positive or a negative number?

It could equal both a negagtive number or a positive number. To get a definite positive or negative you times or divide. Well in addition and subtraction negative plus a negative equals a bigger negative. Kinda like -4+-4 =-8, but in multiplication and division 2 negatives equal a positive. -2 times-2 =positive 4.

What is positive 3 plus negative 5 minus negative 2 minus positive 4?

Positive 3 plus negative 5 minus negative 2 minus positive 4 is equal to -4.

The quotient of a negative integer and a positive integer is?

The quotient of a positive integer by a negative is always negative. Say this to yourself a couple times: "MULTIPLICATION: minus times minus is plus (negative x negative = positive).....minus times plus is minus (negative x positive = negative) times plus is plus (positive x positive = positive) DIVISION: minus divi minus is plus (negative ÷ negative = positive)......minus divi plus is minus (negative ÷ positive = negative) divi plus is plus (positive ÷ positive = positive)"

Does a negative number plus a positive number equal a positive or a negative number like -8 7?


How does a positive 100 minus a negative 30 equal a positive 130?

"Minus a negative" is the same thing as "plus."

Does a negative plus a negative equal a negative?

Negative plus Negative would equal positive in Maths. like this: -7 + -8 = 1 Because you're adding a minus It Will Not Equal a Positive it will Equal a Negative. -7+-8= -15. Because you are adding a negative to another negative. If the problem was -7+8= 1. Because you are taking seven out of that eight. If It were to be multiplication than a negative TIMES a negative would have been a positive(-8 x -7=56). And a negative TIMES a positive would be a negative (-8 x 7=-56).

What is 6 plus negative 1?

6 + (-1) positive and negative will equal negative. so it's 6-1 that would equal 5. positive and positive= positive positive negative= negative negative negative = positive negative positive= negative