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Q: Does a negative number plus a positive number equal a positive or a negative number like -8 7?
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Does a negative number plus a negative number equal a positive or a negative number?

It could equal both a negagtive number or a positive number. To get a definite positive or negative you times or divide. Well in addition and subtraction negative plus a negative equals a bigger negative. Kinda like -4+-4 =-8, but in multiplication and division 2 negatives equal a positive. -2 times-2 =positive 4.

Why a negative number times a negative number equal a positive number?

if it is not like that then the answer wont be write. Well, It is to be known that two negatives make a positive.

Negative divided by a negative equal?

A negative divided or multiplied by a negative is always positive. Just like how in English, a double-negative is positive.

How do you do Negative number minus positive number what does it equal?

a negative minus a positive is like addition, you take the negative add the positive, then make that number a negative.Example-5 - 4add them5 + 4= 9make that number a negative= -9

What 2 numbers would be the square root of 53?

Every positive integer has two square roots, a positive square root and a negative square root. This is because, just like a positive number multiplied by a positive number is equal to a positive number, a negative number multiplied by a negative number is equal to a positive number. Therefore, rounded to two decimal places, the positive square root is equal to 7.28, and the negative square root is -7.28.

Do a negative number minus a negive number equal positive or negative?

minus a negative is plus a positive so something like -6 - -7=1 because its the same as-6 + +7

Does a negative number plus a negative number equal a negative?

Yes it does. Because the it acts like subtraction, but since the positive, negative number scales run backwards like a mirror, subtraction is addition with two negative numbers.

What is the product of a positive rational number and a negative rational number?

Negative. Only like x like = positive

How do i divide integers with different signs?

see if have -8 divided by -8 divide the number number first and then see to the following signs-8 divided by -8 is equal to +1-8 divided by +8 is equal to -1so different signs -same sign +++=+--=++-=--+=-

When you have a negative and positive in math does it become a negative?

It depends on what you do with the negative and positive. If you multiply or divide a positive number and a negative number, then the answer is negative. If you add or subtract a positive number and a negative number, the answer could be negative or positive depending on the numbers involved. If you put a negative sign in front of a positive number, the result is a negative number. If you put a positive sign in front of a negative number (like +(-7)), the result is still negative.

Negative plus a positive?

Negatives and Positives Positive + Positive = Positive Negative + Negative = Positive Negative + Positive = Negative Positive + Negative = Negative

How does a negative number divided by a negative number equal a positive number?

The devision simbol means how many times a number can go into a number, so a negative number, like -5, goes into -25 5 times, and that's the answer.

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