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Q: Does a pentagon have two pairs of perpendicular lines?
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What is a pentagon and a rhombus perpendicular lines and parallel?

A pentagon can have 0, 1 or 2 pairs of parallel lines. It can have 0 to 4 lines perpendicular to an adjacent line. A rhombus must have two pairs of parallel lines and none of them may be perpendicular to any other.

Is a pentagon perpendicular?

No, a pentagon is not perpendicular. The word perpendicular describes two lines (or line segments) that meet at a 90o angle.

Does a rhombus have perpendicular lines and parallel lines?

Perpendicular: No Parallel: Yes, two pairs.

Are any two pairs of perpendicular lines coplanar?

Any two perpendicular lines ... meaning any pair of them ... are coplanar.

What color has Two letters with 2 pairs of parallel lines Four letters have perpendicular lines Three letters have both parallel and perpendicular lines?


How many pairs of perpendicular lines does a right triangle have?

One. There's actually two...

A shape with two pairs of perpindicular lines two right angles and five sides?

Its Impossible. For there to be a shape where all five lines meet perfectly and there to be two pairs of perpendicular sides, there must three right angles. Alternitavely, you could have 1 pair of perpendicular lines and two rights angles, but certainly not both.

How many parallel lines and perpendicular lines are in venn diagram?

At least two pairs: they form the outer rectangle which represents the "universe".

What is two perpendicular number lines or axes used for graphing ordered pairs of numbers?

Coordinate planes

Does a pentagon and hexagon have parallel lines?

A hexagon has three pairs of parallel sides. A pentagon has no lines parallel. Above answer is correct but only if they are regular hexagon and pentagons. A non-regular hexagon can have as little as none parallel lines. A non-regular pentagon can have two parallel lines.

What pairs of parallel lines mean?

It means two lines which are always the same perpendicular distance apart from one another.

How many solutions to 2 lines that intersect have?

Two lines that intersect will create2 pairs of equal angles and if the lines are perpendicular the angles created will be right angles

Draw two intersecting lines but not perpendicular?

draw two intersecting lines that are not perpendicular

How many pairs of perpendicular sides does a rectangle have?

It has 2 pairs.

What makes two lines perpendicular?

Perpendicular lines are any two lines that intersect at a 90 degree angle.

What is Perpendicular and Parallel?

Perpendicular is when two lines cross... Parallel is when two lines never meet.... _____________ _____________ = PARALLEL LINES If they cross they are perpendicular, if they don't, they are parallel.

How many perpendicular lines in a oblong?

Each of the four lines is perpendicular - to two of the other lines.

What is the difference between intersecting and perpendicular lines?

Perpendicular lines are intersecting, but perpendicular lines are a special case where the angle between the two lines is a right angle (90

What is perpendicicular lines?

Two lines are perpendicular or orthogonal if they meet at a 90 degree angle.For instance,|__|are two perpendicular lines.

Is it possible for two lines with positive slopes to be perpendicular?

Is it possible for two lines with positive slopes to be perpendicular?

What is formed when two perpendicular lines cross?

When two perpendicular lines cross, a right angle is formed.

What are perpendicular and parallel lines on a polygon?

A polygon need not have ANY perpendicular or parallel lines. For example, consider an equilateral triangle. It can happen that two sides of a polygon, extended if necessary, meet at a point where they form a 90 degree angle. Those two lines are perpendicular. There may be pairs of lines such that, no matter how far you extend them in either direction, they will never meet. Such lines are parallel. A triangle cannot have parallel lines but it can have perpendicular lines. Any polygon of 4 or more sides can have sides that are perpendicular or parallel (or some of each).

What are the lines called that are perpendicular to a parallel line?

'two perpendicular number lines are called'Special:Search

Can two lines be perpendicular lines?

yes but they have to meet at a 90 degree angle to be perpendicular.

Two intersecting lines but not perpendicular?

Non-perpendicular intersecting lines. There is no special name.