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yes it does.

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Q: Does a rectangular prism only have flat surfaces?
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What solid figure has only flat surfaces that are rectangles?

A rectangular prism.

Can a rectangular prism and a rectangular prism form a hexahedron?

Yes, but only if one face of one prism is congruent to a face of the other.

Which 3D shape has rectangular faces only?

A rectangular prism, it has 6 rectangular faces.

What is a solid figure that only has rectangular faces?

A rectangular prism or cuboid.

How many apexes does a rectangular prism have?

none apexes are only for pyramids (the point at the top) there are no apexes in a rectangular prism

How is a rectangular prism different than rectangle?

A rectangular prism has 3 dimensions. Whereas the rectangle has only 2 dimensions.

What is the volume of a 3 by 12 rectangular prism?

A rectangular prism is defined by three linear measures. Only 2 are given in the question.

What shape has only flat surfaces?

cube There are a great many solid shapes that have only flat surfaces.

Can you find the volume of a rectangular prism is you only have the length and height?


Are all rectangular prism platonic solids?

No, only the cube.

How is a rectangular prism and a cube diff rent?

I hope this answer is helpful because i am only 11, but this is useful.A rectangular prism is different in many ways:A cube has all of its sides the same size and shape. However, a rectangular prism has two sides different than the others.A cube is a square, on the contrary a rectangular prism is more as a rectangular figure.Different sizes and angle measurements.

Does a square prism have rectangular sides?

No because it is only all square!

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