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Q: Does a regular heptagon have reflection symmetry?
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Does a heptagon have reflection symmetry?

Unit 15 Section 3 : SymmetrySymmetries in regular polygons ( at the regular heptagon below. A heptagon is a shape with seven sides and this one has equal sides and equal angles. You can see that there are seven lines of symmetry, and the regular heptagon also has rotational symmetry order seven.

How many symmetry lines in a heptagon?

A heptagon can have 0, 1 or 7 lines of symmetry. 7 only if it is a regular heptagon.

How many lines of symmetry are there in a heptagon?

In a regular heptagon, there are 7 lines of symmetry because there is one line of symmetry for every side.

What shape has seven lines of symmetry?

A regular heptagon.

Does a regular heptagon have 1 line of reflectional symmetry?

No, it has seven.

What is the order of rotational symmetry of a regular Heptagon?


How many lines of symmetry for a heptagon?

A heptagon has seven sides, so a regular heptagon has seven lines of symmetry (they run from each vertex to the middle of the opposite side).

How many order of rotational symmetry does a heptagon have?

Order 7 if it is a regular heptagon; otherwise Order 1.

Does a regular pentagon have reflectional symmetry?

Yes a pentagon does have reflection symmetry

How many axes of symmetry has a regular heptagon?

the answer is 12 or 5 it is all how you look at it............

Does a regular hexagon have reflection symmetry rotation symmetry both or neither?


Does a regular hexagon have both reflection and rotation symmetry?

yes, it in fact does. both!