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Q: Does a regular polygon have all equal angles?
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What is a a polygon with angles of equal measure called?

All of the angles are equal in a "regular" polygon. (All of the sides are too.)

How is a regular polygon?

This is a tautological question that does not have a proper answer. A regular polygon is one which has all its sides of equal length and all its interior angles of equal measure.

What is a polygon which all angles are congruent?

It is simply a polygon with all equal angles. It is not a regular polygon - if that is what you are looking for.

What is a polygon with all interior angles equal?

A regular polygon.

Does a regular polygon have all its sides equal?

Yes, a regular polygon has all its sides equal. Its angles are also equal.

What does regular and irregular mean?

A regular polygon (a closed plane figure of straight lines) has all equal angles and all equal side lengths. For example, a square is a regular quadrilateral, because it's four edges are all the same length, and it's angles are all equal (90 degrees). A regular triangle is an equilateral triangle.An irregular polygon does not have equal sides and angles. N.B to be regular, a polygon must have both equal sides and equal angles. If a polygon has equal sides but unequal angles it is not a regular polygon.

Is a rhombus a regular polygon?

No. A regular polygon has equal length sides and all the angles are equal. A rhombus has equal length sides, but only the opposite angles are equal. Since all the angles are not equal, the rhombus is not a regular polygon and is known as an irregular polygon.

What is a polygon with all interior angles called?

If all of its interior angles are equal then it is a regular polygon

IS A Regular polygon a polygon?

Yes, a regular polygon is a type of polygon where all the sides and angles are equal.

How is an irregular polygon irregular if all sides and angles are equal?

If a polygon's lengths and angles are all equal it isn't an irregular polygon it's a regular polygon! :)

A polygon that has all sides equal and all interior angles equal?

it's a regular polygon

What does it mean or a polygon to be regular?

A regular polygon has all equal interior angles and all equal sides of the same length