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A rhombus does not have four right angles. A square has four right angles, as does a rectangle.

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Q: Does a rhombus have four right angle?
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Is a square a rhombus and why?

a rhombus is not a square even though it has four side and four shape because it has no right angle.

What quadrilateral has four equal sides and no right angle?

A rhombus

Is a rhombus a right angle?

No, a rhombus is a closed plane shape which has four angles, none of which are normally right angles.

A parallelogram with four congurent sides?

A rhombus, or, if there is a right angle, a square.

Is rhombus a square?

No, a square is a four sided polygon with all it's sides the same length and where each angle is a right-angle. A rhombus may or may not have right angles. So while a square is a rhombus, a rhombus is not necessarily a square.

What are the attributes of a square and a rhombus?

A rhombus is any four-sided figure whose sides are equal. A square is any rhombus with a right angle in it.

When is a rectangle and rhombus?

A rectangle is a four-sided figure with a right angle at each corner. A rhombus is a figure with four equal sides. A figure that is both a rectangle and a rhombus is a square.

What is a rhombus Does a rhombus have a right angle?

A rhombus is a quadrilateral with four sides of equal length. It does not necessarily have a right angle. A rhombus can have all angles equal but not necessarily 90 degrees.

Does a rhombus with at least one right angle have to be a square?

it wouldn't be a rhombus if it had a right angle.

How many right angles are there in a rombose?

A rhombus doesn't need any right angles to be a rhombus, although it can have them if it wants to. If a rhombus has right angles, then it's a square. And if it has one right angle, then it must have four of them.

How many line segments does a rhombus have?

Four. A square is a special case of a rhombus with 4 right-angle corners.

What is the shape with four equal sides that can be right angle or may not be?

With right angles it is a square.Without right angles it is a rhombus.