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Q: Does a triangle have curvy lines?
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How many types of lines?

2, straight and curvy...

Are there oblique lines in a triangle?

Yes, there can be oblique lines in a triangle. However, there can only be oblique lines in a triangle if the triangle is considered to be a 'right' triangle.

How do you draw a rope?

Just draw a line... not a straight line, but a curvy one... Some people would draw two parallel curvy lines, with equally-spaced diagonal lines between, to represent the 'twist' of the rope.

Does a acute triangle have parallel lines?

There are no parallel lines in a triangle.

Do two lines in the same plane always intersect in 1 point?

Not necessarily, as two lines can exist in one plane, but they don't always touch each other. An example would be parallel lines, where the lines are parallel to each other. Lines are also not necessarily straight all the time as it can be curvy too, wherein that a straight line or another curvy line that "does" touch the first curvy line could possibly intersect at more than one point.

How many sets of parrell lines are in a triangle?

There are no parallel lines in a triangle !

Strategically applying curvy lines over each other to achieve value.?


Which triangle is the only triangle that has perpendicular lines?

The Right Triangle. Perpendicular lines make a right angle.

What triangle has lines of symmetry?

An isosceles triangle has 1 line of symmetry, an equilateral triangle has 3 and a scalene triangle has no lines of symmetry.

What are the five lines in art?

the five major lines used in art are vertical( | ), diagonal ( / ), horizontal( -- ) curvy( @ ), and zig zag( vvvv )

Is there a triangle with 2 lines of symmetry?

An equilateral triangle contains at least 2 lines of symmetry (it actually contains 3 lines of symmetry). An equilateral triangle is also radially symmetric.If the question is "Is there a triangle with exactly 2 lines lines of symmetry?", the answer is no.

Can a triangle have a pair of parellel and perpendicular lines?

No parallel lines but a right angle triangle has perpendicular lines.