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Not necessarily. The details are quite vague here since the question doesn't give the specific number of sides and angles.

A triangle that has all congruent angles and sides is called an equilateral triangle.

A triangle that has two congruent angles and two congruent sides is called an isosceles triangle.

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Q: Does a triangle that has congruent sides and angles is an isosceles right triangle?
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Is a right triangle can be isosceles?

Yes. Only if the other two angles of the right triangle are congruent and each equal 45 degrees. Then using the isosceles triangle theorem, you know that the two sides opposite the angles are congruent.

How many congruent angles does a right isosceles triangle have?

It has 2 equal base angles

A triangle containing 1 right angle and 2 congruent acute angles is called?

A triangle with 1 right angle and 2 congruent acute angles is both a right triangle and an isosceles triangle.

If a right triangle is also isosceles what the measure of each of its congruent angles?


What is in a right triangle the side that include the right angle in an isosceles triangle the pair of congruent side?

The angles will be 90, 45 and 45 degrees

Can an isosceles triangle Always be a right triangle?

In an isosceles triangle, two angles, and therefore sides (Base Angle Theorem), are congruent. This does not mean that all isosceles triangles are also right triangles - there is only one (45, 45, 90 triangle).

Classification of triangle?

Classification of triangles according to sides: -Scalene Triangle - a triangle with no 2 congruent sides. -Isosceles Triangle - a triangle with at least 2 congruent sides. -Equilateral Triangle - a triangle with 3 congruent sides. Classification of triangles according to angles: -acute triangle - a triangle with 3 acute angles. -right triangle - a triangle with one right angle. -equiangular triangle - a triangle with 3 congruent angles. -obtuse triangle - a triangle with one obtuse angle.

Does an isosceles triangle have right angles?

An isosceles triangle has two equal sides and two equal angles. A right triangle is any triangle with one angle that is a right angle. A right triangle could also be an isosceles triangle, but an isosceles triangle will not always have a right angle.

How do you find the measures of the angles in a right isosceles triangle?

If a triangle is an isosceles triangle as well as being a right-angled triangle, the size of the two angles (that are not right angles) are 45 degrees.

Is a right triangle the same as an isosceles triangle?

No. They are usually different.An isosceles triangle has two equal angles and two equal adjacent sides. An isosceles triangle with three 60° angles is the equilateral triangle.Only one isosceles triangle, which has two 45° angles, includes a right angle and is called an isosceles right triangle.

What is a triangle with a right angle and two congruent sides?

A right isosceles triangle.

What do the triangles look like and what are the names?

Equilateral triangle = All sides congruent Scalene triangle = No sides congruent Isosceles triangle = At LEAST two sides congruent Right triangle = Triangle with one right angle Obtuse triangle = Triangle with ONE obtuse angle Acute triangle = Triangle with ALL acute angles