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Q: Does a vertical line axis go up and down or side to side?
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How does a vertical angle look like?

It is the line or axis going up or down not side to side that is horizontal.

Is the vertical line on the left side of column chart?

It is the vertical line of the y axis

A vertical or horizontal line used in graphs is called a?

Vertical and horizontal lines in most graphs are called axes (plural of axis). They create the plane on which the graph sits. The X axis is the horizontal axis and goes across the graph. The Y axis is vertical axis and goes up and down the graph. They could also be lines which depict places that the graph never touches; this would be called an asymptote.

Which way do the x-axis and the y-axis go on a bar graph?

The X axis is the horizontal line. The Y axis is the vertical line.

What is the x axis and the y axis?

In classical Cartesian algebra, the x axis is defined as a horizontal number line defining the distance from a zero point called the "origin." The y axis is a vertical line defining the vertical distance from the same origin. This system has been adapted to define axes on any number of graphing systems, from Microsoft Excel to modern machine tools.

How do you determine which side is the x value and what side is the y value when you are given a chart?

The axes of any chart should be labelled. Usually the horizontal axis is the x-axis and the vertical axis is the y-axis. But, if you are given a square piece of graph paper with two axes on it and either a scatter plot or a line, and no labels nor data then you do not have a chance.

What is horizontally and vertically?

A vertical line goes upwards, and a horizontal line goes across.

Example of a vertical line?

a flag post. It goes up and down and not side to side like a horizontal line.

What are 3 axis on an airplane?

Pitch, Roll and Yaw The Axis that is aligned with the fuselage of the airplane is the main X-axis. Rotation about this axis is called Roll. If the nose goes Up or Down this is the Pitch. Rotation about the Vertical axis is Yaw or when the tail goes from side to side.

Which side is the x-axis?

the horizontal side is the x and the vertical is the y.

Is vertical up and down or side to side?

Vertical is up and down and horizontal is side to side.

Is T a symmetrical shape?

Symmetry is when something has exactly the same shape on either side of an axis line. T is a vertical symmetrical shape.