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Q: Does all substances have the same flamability limit and same probability to cause a fire?
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What are the flammable limits for LPG?

For Propane: (limits of flamability in standard air(% by volume) Lean Limit: 2.0 Rich Limit: 9.5

What is the probability that you will guess the same number that the computer chose in one try?

The probability depends on the range of numbers from which to choose. If there is no limit to the range then probability is incalculable.

What has the author T V Arak written?

T. V. Arak has written: 'Uniform limit theorems for sums of independent random variables' -- subject(s): Distribution (Probability theory), Limit theorems (Probability theory), Random variables, Sequences (Mathematics)

What has the author Ryszard Jajte written?

Ryszard Jajte has written: 'Strong limit theorems in noncommutative L2-spaces' -- subject(s): Ergodic theory, Limit theorems (Probability theory), Limit theorems (Probabilitytheory), Von Neumann algebras

What is a good sentence for tailpipe?

These are the only two substances for which older cars have an legal limit on tailpipe emissions.

What is the maximum weight limit that most stepping stools can hold?

The maximum weight limit for many stepping stools is 300 pounds. If a person exceeds the weight limit it can cause the stool to break and can cause injuries.

What is the probability of choosing a color of the American flag?

Zero percent using calculus. The likelihood approaches the limit of zero as we recognize the infinite number of colors on the analog color spectrum. It's like: what is the probability of choosing a star in the universe?

What is the difference between hazardous and flammable gas?

Capable of igniting and burning is a combustible gas. Any compressed gas meeting the requirements for lower flammability limit, flammability limit range, flame projection,etc. All flammable substances are surely combustible, but all combustible substances are not essentially flammable.

Can carbon 14 be used in dating organic substances from precambrian time?

no. 50,000 years is the upper limit for using it for dating.

What is the central limit theorum?

The central limit theorem states that the mean of a sufficiently large number of iterates of independent random variables, each with well-defined mean and well-defined variance, will be approximately distributed. This is the definition in the probability theory.

What is the distribution of area under a curve?

In terms of probability theory, the cumulative distribution function (cdf) is the result of the summation or integration of the probability density function (pdf). The cdf F(a) is the area under the pdf from its lower limit to a. I hope I am responding to your question. If not, perhaps you can clarify it and resubmit it.

What you can do to avoid and limit expenditures that cause unwise spending?

you should budget your money :)