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We'd need to know the number of sides. An equilateral triangle won't have any parallel or perpendicular sides. An equilateral quadrilateral will have two pairs of parallel sides which may or may not be perpendicular.

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Q: Does an equilateral have parallel or perpendicula?
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Will perpendicula lines ever touch?

Yes but parallel lines wont ever touch.

How many pair of parallel lines is equilateral triangle?

None. A triangle (not even an equilateral one) has no parallel sides.

What is the angle between perpendicula?

45 degree

How many parallel sides has a equilateral triangle?


Does an equilateral have parallel lines or perpendicular lines?


Does an equilateral triangle have one pair of parallel sides?

It is impossible for a triangle to have any parallel sides. ■

Could an equilateral triangle ever be a parallelogram?

no...beacuse a parallelogram has to have parallel sides....a triangle can never have parallel sides

What shape has 3 equal sides but no parallel sides?

Equilateral triangle.

How many pairs of parallel lines does a triangle have?

There cannot be parallel lines in any [plane] triangles.

A parallelogram which is equilateral with one pair side parallel sides is a?

it is called a trapezium

How many parallel lines are in an equilateral triangle?

None of the sides of any triangle are parallel. However, you can draw an infinite number of parallel lines inside any triangle.

What are perpendicula lines?

Perpendicular lines are lines that meet to form a right angle.

How many parallel sides does an equilateral triangle have?

none, the three sides meet so there are no parallel sides but all the sides are equal.

Does a tetrahedron have parrallel faces?

No. The faces of a tetrahedron are equilateral triangles, but none of the faces is parallel to another one of the faces -- they could not be parallel, since by the definition of a tetrahedron, all the faces intersect(!) and parallel planes do not intersect.

What has opposite sides parallel and 4 right angles but is not a square?

A rectangle (one that is not equilateral because then it would be a square)

What is a shape with 2 pairs of parallel sides not a parallelogram or a rhombus?

An equilateral hexagon would work. It has more than 2 pairs of parallel sides though. There is no shape with only 2 pairs of parallel sides besides a parallelogram.

What are the differences between a rhombus trapezoid and a parrallelogram?

A trapezium has only one pair of parallel sides. A parallelogram has two pair of parallel sides. A rhombus is an equilateral parallelogram - that is, a parallelogram with equal sides.

What is a quadrilateral with three equal sides but no parallel sides?

its not possible... a quadrilaterial is defined as a four-sided polygon the only thing that i can think of that has three equal sides but no parallel sides is a equilateral triangle

A shape with 4 sides and 2 parallel lines?

A shape with 4 sides and two parallel lines is a trapezoids. Trapezoid, like other quadrilaterals, have four sides but unlike squares, rhombuses, or rectangles, only have one set of parallel lines, or two that are parallel. Trapezoids can be isosceles or equilateral.

What is an equilateral polygon with two sets of parallel sides called?

Since you described it as 2 sets of parallel sides, I'll assume you meant a 4 sided polygon(quadrilateral). This special case is called a rhombus.

What is a true statement of about a triangle?

it is a 3ree sided figure it has neither parallel nor perpendicular and it can be classified as a scalene triangle, right triangles or equilateral

What is equilaterals?

those are^ they are parallel, wich is the same thing That is simply not true. Equilateral refers to shapes whose sides are all the same length.

A steel truss with parallel upper and lower chords and inclined connection members forming a series of equilateral triangle is known as?

warren truss

How many equal sides does an equilateral have?

1In something that is equilateral, all the sides are equal. For an equilateral triangle, that's three.

What are some names for a rhombus?

Some possibilities are:equilateral parallelogram,equilateral quadrilateral,equilateral quadrangle,equilateral tetragon.

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