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Q: Does an irrational number repeat a pattern?
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Can a irrational number repeat?


Is negative pi rational or irrational?

-Pi is irrational, because it does not terminate or repeat. Whenever you multiply an irrational number by a rational number (-1), the result is an irrational number.

What is a decimal that does not repeat or stop?

That would be an irrational number.

Is 1.73 an irrational number?

No. If you write an irrational number as a decimal, it will have an infinite number of decimal digits that don't repeat periodically.

Can an irrational number be a decimal?

If you write an irrational number as a decimal, you would have an infinite number of decimal places, and the digits wouldn't repeat. That is, if you divide 1 by 7 for example, you get the pattern 0.142857 142857 142857... repeating over and over; this won't happen with an irrational number.All irrational numbers are decimals which can not be expressed as fractions

Is 0.141141114 rational or irrational?

Depends. Does it end at that place, does it repeat digits in that pattern?

Is 2.333 a rational or irrational number and why?

Rational. Because it repeats. (Rational numbers either repeat or stop. Irrational numbers don't stop or repeat, such as pi)

How do you tell if a number is rational or irrational?

a rational number repeats but terminates.ex:3.333333333. a irrational number doesn't terminate or repeat itself. ex:3.334334433444.

Is irrational number can be decimal?

Any irrational number can be approximated by decimals. You can never write it exactly, since there are an infinite number of decimals, and these don't repeat.

Is -0.575 an irrational number?

No An irrational number goes on forever with no repeating pattern.

Does every irrational number have a 2 in its decimal expansion?

No; the only condition for qualyfing as an irrational number is that the same pattern of digits doesn't repeat over and over again, as it does with a rational number. For example, 8/7 is a rational number; the decimal expansion is 1.142857 142857 142857 ... As you see, the same pattern of digits repeats over and over. The number may start with different digits, but if after a while the same pattern repeats again and again, the number is rational.The following number is irrational: 0.101001000100001000001 ... The pattern doesn't repeat, because a zero is added every time. And, in this example, the decimal expansion doesn't contain any digits other than 0 and 1.

Is 0.1010010001 rational or irrational?

If the pattern continues, with one more zero in each group, then it is IRRATIONAL. For a number to be rational, EXACTLY THE SAME pattern must repeat over and over, at least after a certain point.