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yes it has 6

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Q: Does an octagon has parallel line segment?
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How many line segment in the octagon?

An 8 sided octagon has 8 line segments which are its 8 sides

What is the definition for parallel line segment?

a parallel

What is a horizontal line segment?

It's a line segment that's parallel to the horizon.

What does parallel line segment mean?

A parallel line segment are two lines with two ending points and are in a straight line that can never touch.

How many pairs of parallel line segments are there in a octagon?


What have perpendicular line segment?

parallel lines

When Greg drew a pair of parallel lines and a line segment next to each other on a chalkboard. which of these statements best compares the pair of parallel lines and the line segment?

The answer is that the parallel lines extend infinitely in both directions, and the line segment has two endpoints.

Are line segments parallel with each other?

it depends on how you place it, they can be. all a line segment is is a straight line, if you have two you can have parallel or crossing lines.

The set of all the points in the plane that are a given distance from a line segment is a pair of lines parallel to the given segment?

Not quite. It is two parallel lines of the same length as the line segment plus two semicircles, one at each end of the line segment. The overall shape is like an oval running track with the original line segment down the middle.

What if you repeat the perpendicular line segment construction twice using paper folding you can construct?

You can construct a parallel to a line through a point not on the line. (perpendicular line segment)

How many parallel lines does an octagon?

An octagon had four pairs of parallel lines.

Are the rungs on a latter a good example of a parallel line segment?