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Q: Does decrease mean to add or subtract?
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Related questions

Does decrease mean to subtract or to add?


Does difference mean add or subtract?


Does how many more mean add or subtract?

it means to subtract

Does how many mean add or subtract?

does how many mean add or subtract

Does sold mean to add or subtract?

I think subtract.

Does increase mean to subtract or add?


What word same mean with subtract?

remove, decrease

When saying how far does it mean add or subtract?

Usually subtract

Do you add or subtract when you mark up?

Mark up would mean to add. Mark down would mean to subtract.

Does deposit mean to add or subtract?

deposit = add withdraw = subtract

Does total mean add or subtract?

Total means to Add.

Does increase of inventory increase or decrease cash flow?

When adjusting your cash flow statement, you increase (add) a decrease of inventory and decrease (subtract) an increase of inventory

What does decrees mean does it mean ADD?

Decrease means to reduce and not to add.

What does decrease mean in math terms?

lessen subtract

What does how much mean add or subtract?

"How much ... all together ?" usually means add. "How much ... left ?" usually means subtract.

Does increas mean add or subtract?

increase means to add or greater than

Do you need to add whole numbers when subtracting fractions?

add? dont you mean subtract?

Does every mean add subtract multipy or divide?

none of these

What is does operation mean in math?

add muliply subtract and divide

What is 500x300 200?

I assume you mean 500x300/200. This would be 750. If you meant add or subtract, remember that you multiply, divide, add subtract in that order

What does total mean add or subtract?

You would usually associate total with add. However getting a total can sometimes involve having to subtract something.

What is the synonym for subtract?


What are five words that mean subtract?

difference, decrease, minus, and thats all i know... sorry

When saying how much more does it mean add or subtract?

When it says how much more you would subtract the little number from the big number. Hope Im Helpful

What happens when you add and subtract energy?

How do you add or subtract energy?

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