Does dispel mean mediate

Updated: 12/17/2022
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Q: Does dispel mean mediate
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Does to mediate mean to settle disputes?

Mediate is to be in the middle. A mediator sits between two parties.

What does mediate mean in this sentence These data suggest that dysfunction of the medial and lateral regions of the brain could specifically mediate symptoms of impulsivity?

the brain mediates

What is the past tense of dispel?

Dispelled is the past tense of dispel.

What is the past tense of dispel-?

The past tense of dispel is dispelled.

What is an example of dispel?

The action of dispel is to get rid of something: for example: "Bob has a bad odour" - To dispel this he needs to take a bath/shower.

Would display be an antonym for dispel?

No because display=show, and dispel=drive off. Gather is a nice antonym for dispel, though.

What is the birth name of Patrick Mediate?

Patrick Mediate's birth name is Patrick Joseph Mediate.

What is the birth name of Rocco Mediate?

Rocco Mediate's birth name is Rocco Anthony Mediate.

What is a synonym for dispel?

The meaning of dispel is to drive or clear away

How can you put dispel in a sentence?

The exorcist was hired to dispel a demon from the house.

When was Mediate - song - created?

Mediate - song - was created in 2010.

How do you put dispel in a sentence?

Example sentence - He attempted to dispel the rumors, however it was true she was leaving him.