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yes. you are still moving in a direction, and the wheels are still spinning, and the engine is still running, and the transmission is still being used.

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Q: Does driving backwards put miles on a car?
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How do you make a 4 sided hat?

put a baseball hat then put a visor backwards and then 2 on the other side

What is negative two ninths minus negative three elevenths?

(-2/9) - (-3/11). Find a common denominator: [99], so we have (-22/99) - (-27/99)Minus a negative is plus. Think of a car on a North-South road. Point the car North and that's positive; point it South and that's negative. To add, drive the car forward. To subtract, put the car in reverse and drive backward.So [-2/9 = -22/99]: point the car South (negative direction) and drive 22/99 miles from a reference point (origin). Then [-3/11 = -27/99], the car is still pointing South, but since you are subtracting, drive backwards (North, which is positive) 27/99 miles.So -22/99 + 27/99 = +5/99 (You will end up 5/99 miles North of the starting point)

How many miles is 0.078 square miles?

You can't put miles in terms of square miles because miles is length and square miles is area, its like comparing oranges and apples. A square mile is a mile in length and a mile in width.

Do you multiply or divide when you put yards to miles?

To convert yards to miles, you have to divide by 1760. For example, 4400 yards is equal to 4400/1760 = 2.5 miles.

How many carseats can you put in a 2001 Oldsmobile Silhouette?

This vehicle has seating for 7 passenger, you should not put a car in the front seat and I think it would be safer to only utilize the seats that have a shoulder strap to help secure the car seat in the car. That would leave you with 4.

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How do you stop driving in reverse?

Come to a full stop, put on the handbrake, change the gear to first (or drive) and begin driving forwards as normal. Do not try to put the car into a forward gear while you are still travelling backwards.

Car was low on gas after driving 200 miles straight put gas in car and car would not start up what could cause this?

dead battery

Is 172000 good mileage for a car made in 1996?

Depends on alot of things. What brand of car? Who put the 172,000 miles on it? Was it a teenager? What are u going to use the car for? Short distance or long distance driving?

How many miles can you drive a new car before changing you oil if you put in synthetic oil?

i usually recommend every 5000 miles, especially with heavy driving. check what the manufacturer recommends.

What is wrong with my car no power to any accessories no spark in the plugs possible short somewhere Kid at advance auto put on alternator backwards and fried something any takers?

first what kind of car is it ? Alternator can't be put on backwards!

When you put it in reverse it make a noses and will not go anywhere but you put it in to neutral it will stop?

well it depends if your wanting to go backwards then you put the car in reverse . or if your wanting to stop then you put the car on neutral.

What happens if you put the rotor inside the cap backwards inside a car?

Rotors can only go in correctly one way and will usually snap in place. If you manage to put one in backwards the car will not start and it will likely tear up the cap and rotor.

Average miles on car a year?

When a car is issued a warranty, the average number of miles put on a car is 12,000 miles. When the number of miles is increased, this can affect the warranty.

How do you put miles forward on your car?

Drive it.

Can you be put under your moms car insurance with only a permit?

Yes, you can be put on car insurance as soon as you start driving.

Ford focus 2.3 engine automatic. I was driving up a hill when my speedometer went crazy and I started coasting backwards. Now car makes a loud noise when put in any gear. Car will not move.?

Sounds like the "spider" gears broke. Take it to a transmission shop.

How is the pituitary gland active while driving a car?

helps to put together all endocrine glands to be more careful and patient,when you driving a car.