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Q: Does equal become equalling or equaling?
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In order for work output to equal work input there must be?

Equalling for work input - now that's a fine idea

Is 1 equals 2 if 1 is nearly 1.1 and 1.1 is nearly 1.2 and so on?

No. By that unsound logic 1 would also equal 3 and indeed every other number up to infinity. "Nearly equalling" is not the same as equalling and therefore this does not work.

What is the square root of 899?

Such that, rounded to three decimal places, sqrt(8.99) is equal to 2.998, sqrt(-8.99) is equal to 2.998i, i equalling the square root of minus 1.

How does a paper airplane stay in the air for a long time?

because E=Mc with E equaling enthusiasm, and c equalling care about this question. as enthusiasm goes to zero, care equals 0. square this quotient by M, and you see just how many f*cks i give about this question

What makes 17 coins for a value 1.20?

3 quarters equalling .75 3 dimes equalling .30 1 nickel equalling .5 10 pennies equalling .10 This makes for a total of 17 coins adding up to $1.20 in value.

What is the sum of the angles in a quadrangle?

If a circle (equalling 360 degrees) is cut into four pieces, then rearranged a bit, it will become to look like one quadrangle or another. That is why a quadrangle, no matter HOW messed up, will still equal 360 degrees when its angles are added up.

How many ounces of frozen cherries do you need to equal 1 quart?

think of each cherrie equaling 1 ounce then you can do the math from there

How do you maintain free energy from equalling zero?

There are two ways to maintain free energy from equalling to zero. First the products of one reaction become reactants of the next. Secondly since the cell is compartmentalized therefore opposite reactions can occur at the same time in different places.

How do you spell equality?

That is the correct spelling of "equal" (the same, equivalent).

What is the coin in kabul called?

The Afghani with 100 puls equalling 1 Afghani and 20 Afghani equalling one Amani.

What two numbers multiply equal 14?

Two numbers multiplied equaling 14 is 2 and 7.

What means unit of length equaling 5280 feet?

5280 ft is the same as 1 mile. The unit of length equal to 5280 ft is one mile.