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Let's be very careful here: The "great circle" of a sphere is a circle that lies on the surface of

the sphere, so there's no way the great circle can "pass through" the sphere's center.

However, in order for the circle to be a "great circle", its center must be the center of the sphere.

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Q: Does every great circle of a sphere have to pass through its center?
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Is the center of a great circle also the center of a small circle?

No. Every circle on the sphere whose center is also the center of the sphere is a great circle. If the circle's center is not also the center of the sphere, then the circle is a small circle.

Is a sphere and a circle the same shape?

Sure.A circle is the shape of every possible CUT through a sphere with a flat knife.

Why diametrically opposite lines of longitude and equator are called great circles?

A 'great circle' is any circle on the surface of a sphere that has its center at the center of the sphere. The equator is the only parallel of latitude that's a great circle. Every meridian of constant longitude is a semi-circle, and together with the one directly opposite it, they form a great circle. The shortest distance between two points on a sphere is the piece of the great circle through them.

What degree in cross section of a sphere?

Every cross-section of a sphere is a circle.

The center of a circle lies on what?

Every diameter of the circle.

Every point on a circle is the same distance from the?

... center of the circle.

What is a point equidistant from every point of the circle?

It is the center of the circle

What shape does a circle have?

A circle has a round shape in which every point on the circle is the same distance from one point called "the center". The center of a circle is not on the circle.

Is every chord of a circle also a diameter?

No. The chord is a diameter only if it passes through the center of the circle. In that case,it's also the longest that any chord can possibly be in that circle.

What is the precise definition of the word centres?

The precise definition of the word 'centres' is the middle point of a circle or a sphere. This means the point is an equal distance from every point on the circle/sphere.

How is the word 'sphere' defined?

A sphere is a solid figure in which every point is equidistant from a fixed point called the center.

What do you notice about the cross section of a solid sphere?

Every section of a solid sphere is a filled-in circle, i.e. a disk with zero thickness.

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