Does field exist between lines

Updated: 11/1/2022
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Yes, usually. The lines are simply shown to illustrate direction and strength of the field.

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Q: Does field exist between lines
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Where do magnetic field lines cross?

Magnetic field lines don't cross.

What are equipotential lines?

A uniform electric field exists between parallel plates of equal but opposite charges.

Why do two magnetic lines never intersect each other?

It is important to realize that magnetic lines do not really exist! They are a tool to visualize the magnetic field, but the field is continuous and does not exist solely inside lines. The direction of the lines gives the direction of the magnetic field, the density of lines, its strength. This also explains why no two field lines can ever intersect; a field line carries information about the direction of the magnetic field, if they would intersect an ambiguity would arise about the direction (not to mention a field of apparent infinite strength since the density would be infinite at the point of crossing). The field lines are almost never used in explicit calculations; instead one uses a vector, an entity which contains information about the magnitude and direction of a field in every point in space and time. Adding two magnetic fields is then easy; just add the vectors of both fields in every point in space (and time). You can use the resulting vector field to draw field lines again if you want. An easy way to imagine what would happen to field lines when they might intersect is to look at them as being such vectors. Imagine you have one field line pointing to the right, and another one pointing up. The result of adding would be a field line pointing somewhere in the up-right direction (the exact direction depending on the relative magnitudes of the fields). If the fields are equal in magnitude but opposite in direction they would cancel; the field line disappears. But this is to be expected! The magnetic fields canceled each other in that point! One has to take care with this analogy however; as for field lines the measure of magnitude is their density; which is an undefined thing if you are considering just one field line per field. For a vector however, the measure of magnitude is its length. Therefore adding two field lines of the same magnitude and pointing in the same direction would result in a vector of twice the length, but in field line language you would have to double the density at that point. This is one of the reasons field lines are used for visualization but not calculation. By the way, all these things apply to other fields as well. Electric fields can also be represented by field lines, and they as well cannot intersect (for the same reasons). Electric field lines, however, are not necessarily closed loops like magnetic field lines (this has to do with the non-existence of magnetic monopoles).

Lines angles and triangles?

Yes, they do exist. And the question is ... ?

How is the strength of an electric field indicated with electric field lines?

Given a positive charge the electric field lines are drawn starting from the charge and pointing radially outward, ending in principle at infinity, according to the electric field strength being proportional to the inverse square of distance. From the definition of electric field we know that the modulous of the electric field is greater for smaller distances from the field generating charge. Since the electric field lines point radially outward we consider the density of lines an indication of the strength of the electirc field. If we immagine to trace a circle around the electric field generating charge, of radius slightly greater than the radius of the object which holds the charge and therefore generates the electric field, such circle will be crossed by a number 'n' of lines. The density of lines crossing the cirle will then be the circumference of the circle divided by the number 'n' of lines. For a larger circle we will have a greater circumference, but same number of lines 'n', and therefore a smaller density of lines crossing it, which idicates a lower intesity of electric field for a greater distance from the charge.

Related questions

Do the magnetic lines of force actually exist?

No actual 'lines' exist, but it is a useful way of describing a magnetic field, as it represents the direction the north pole of a magnet would move if it was free to do so.

Why electric field lines cannot have sudden brakes in between them?

electric field lines represents electric field at that point but if it has break somewhere then it signifies the absence of electric field and it is not possible.....

What is the angle between lines of force and equipotential lines in an electrical field?

The angle is a right angle.

What best describes magnetic field lines?

Magnetic fields are produced because of moving electric charges, and visualizing the very complex mathematical relationships that fall under the magnetic field might become much easier if magnetic field lines were used. A higher density of field lines means a stronger magnetic field. Keep in mind that those lines do not actually exist; they are drawn only to visualize the strength of the magnetic field.

Can electric field lines cross?

Lines of force don't exist. They can't cross each other because they aren't there. The common (related) demonstration of magnetic lines of force using iron filings works because of the fact that the iron filings become little magnets and line up head to tail. If you photograph them and re-run the experiment you will see that the lines are different, which shows that they are an "artifact" of the magnetic field. No actual lines exist.

Where are the Magnetic field lines closest together?

The field is strongest on the poles of the magnet (the ends of the magnet). More specifically, the 8 corners of the magnet are where the strongest magnetic field will occur. The weakest field occurs in the center of the magnet.

Can gravity exist without a magnatic field?

It can, and it does. There's no connection between the two.

What is the difference between blue field project and green field project?

green field project is the projects that already exist but require expansion

What do the magnetic patterns indicate about the forces of inteaction between magnets?

The direction of the lines tells us whether there is attraction or repulsion, and the spacing of the lines is a measure of the strength of the magnetic field. The more crowded the lines the stronger the field.

What relationship exist between the number of sides on a regular polygon and the number of lines of symmetry?

They are the same.

Why are the equipotential lines near conductor surfaces parallel to the surface?

For conductors, the electric field perpendicular to its surface and no field exist within the conductor. As a result the equipotential lines are found near the surface. They are parallel to the surface since equipotential are perpendicular to field lines.

What relationship exist between the locusts attacks a rice field?

There is a significant relationship between the locusts attacks and a rice field. These locusts destroy the many rice fields.