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No - expressed as a decimal, 55/1000 is equal to 0.055. Expressed as a decimal, 55/100 is equal to 0.55. Therefore, 0.55 or 55/100 is a lot more than 55/1000. You could also reduce 55/100 to 11/20 which is equal to 55%. 55/1000 is equal to 11/200 which is equal to 5.5%

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Q: Does fifty-five thousandths and fifty-five hundredths have the same value?
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Is four hundredths the same as four thousandths?

no, four hundredths is bigger

How many thousandths are in 4 hundredths?

4/100 is the same as 40/1000, so there are 40 thousandths in 4 hundredths

How do you write seventy thousandths in standard form?

70 thousandths = 0.070 Although, its value is the same as 7 hundredths, 70 thousandths implies a greater degree of accuracy so the number SHOULD have a zero at the end.

What is the decimal 70 thousandths?

This is the same as 7 hundredths, 0.07 (0.070).

Is 0.4 the same as 40 hundredths?

yes 0.4 = 4 tenths = 40 hundredths = 400 thousandths and so on ...

How can eight hundredths and eight thousandths be the same?

They are not the same because: 8/100 = 0.08 and 8/1000 = 0.008

How do you write sixty hundredths as a decimal?

0.60 - Sixty hundredths, which is the same as six tenths.

How would you write 50 thousandths as a decimal?

The first position to the right of the decimal point measures tenths, the second position measures hundredths and the third position measures thousandths. 1 thousandth is therefore 0.001 50 thousandths is 0.050 Note : 50 thousandths is equivalent to 5 hundredths so the decimal number could then be written as 0.50. In terms of value they are the same. In terms of what the number tells you, they are obviously different.

How do you put this in words 0.0040?

0.4 = 4 tenths 0.04 = 4 hundredths 0.004 = 4 thousandths 0.0040 is same

What is 30.480 rounded to the nearest hundredths?


What does 0.3 has same value as?

0.3 has the same value as 3/10 or thirty hundredths.

Is 0.98 bigger than .980?

Same number- You can add zeros to the end when on the right side of the decimal point without changing the value. 980 one thousandths is the same as 98 one hundredths.