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Before 1946 the Philippines were a U.S. colony (or protectorate, if you prefer). Coins were minted in the U.S. bearing both names, usually matching their American counterparts in denomination (in centavos instead of cents, of course) and size. Many were made in Denver or San Francisco and bear a mint mark from one of those 2 facilities.

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Q: Does five centavos filipinas on one side United States of America 1938 on the other side mean anything?
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What is the silver content of a filipinas 1944 50 centavos?

The Philippines was a territory of the United States from 1898 to 1945. Because of this, the 1944 series of 50 centavo coins was struckÊin the U.S. by the San Francisco Mint from 0.75 fine silver. The coin contains a grand total of 0.2411 oz of silver.

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No such coin exists. I have a United States of America 1945 centavvos Flipinas Coin.....Good condition if anyone interested....

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You are asking about a coin from the Philippines issued when it was a commonwealth administered by the United States. You would need to know the denomination (1,5,10, 20 and 50 centavo coins were produced in 1944), as well as the condition, in order to get an accurate value. Note that the 1 centavo coin is bronze, the 5 centavo coin is a copper-nickel-zinc alloy, and the 10,20 and 50 centavo coins are 75% silver.

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