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Q: Does forty percent equal two fifths?
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Related questions

Is 22 percent bigger than two fifths?

of course not two fifths is forty percent

What does forty two divided by eight and two fifths equal?

42 divided by 8 2/5 is five.

Is two fifths less than greater than or equal to two and two fifths?

two fifths is equal to two fifths

What fraction is equal to 40 percent?

The simplest fraction here is two fifths.

Only forty percent of people between the ages of eighteen and twenty four read daily newspaper what is the percent as a fraction in simplest form?

two fifths

What is percent 440 as a fraction?

First of all, it can be read, "Four hundred forty percent" (440%). Percent means, in one hundred, so that means that it is four hundred forty hundredths, or 440/100. Now it needs to be reduced. It can be reduced to twenty-two fifths, or 22/5. However, unless such a number is desired, it should be simplified to four and two fifths, or 4 2/5.

Is two fifths more than fifty percent?

No because 2/5 is equal to 40%

Write the number forty-hundredths?

Expressed as a proper fraction in its simplest form, this is equal to 2/5 or two fifths. Expressed as a decimal fraction, this is equal to 0.4.

What is one and two fifths as a percentage?

Expressed as a percentage, 1 2/5 is equal to 140 percent.

8 percent as a fraction and a decimal?

Expressed as a vulgar fraction in its simplest form, eight percent is equal to 2/25, or two twenty-fifths. Expressed as a decimal fraction, eight percent is equal to 0.08.

Is three sevenths and two fifths equal?

no...three sevenths is equal to 15/35 and two fifths is equal to 14/35.

What is 49.4 in fraction form?

Expressed as a mixed number in its simplest form, 49.4 is equal to 49 2/5 or forty-nine and two fifths.

Forty-two is 70 percent of what number?

Forty-two is seventy percent of sixty.

Is three fifths two sixths?

No three fifths is not equal to two sixths

Two fifths percent of 1400 is?

If you meant "two fifths of 1400" then 560otherwise if you meant "two fifths of a percent of 1400" then 5.6

Is two fifths bigger than five eighths?

No. Two fifths is equal to 0.40, while five eighths is equal to .625

What is two-fifths as a percent?

two-fifths as a percent is 40% because 5 times 20=100 and 2 times 20= 40 and a percent is always over 100!

How much is 4 tenths?

0.4 is forty hundredths or two fifths.

What is two fifths of forty five?

2/5 *45 = 18

Two fifths is what percent?


What is two thirds plus four and two fifths equal?

twelve fifteenths or four fifths

What is two and two fifths as a percent?

two fifths is two parts of 5 or 2/5, first express that as part of 100 (as percents work that way) so 2/5 * 20/20 = 40 / 100. Thus two-fifths is 40 percent.

What is three and three fifths plus one and two fifths equal?


What does three and two fifths multiplied by two fifths equal?

1 9 25

What is two fifths equal to?