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Friction causes heat.

Fraction causes heat only with people who are not comfortable with maths.

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โˆ™ 2011-01-14 18:01:15
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Q: Does fraction cause heat
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Whats the main cause of heat illness?

I would definently think that the cause of heat illness would be, I don't know,...HEAT!maybe. I would definently think that the cause of heat illness would be, I don't know,...HEAT!maybe.

Does heat cause a GFCI to trip?

Heat cannot cause a GFCI to trip unless it is defective.

What cause heat stress?

heat stress in machines cause mechanical disadvantage, in living organism heat causes exhaustion and severe temperature.

Will being in heat cause the dog to loose her appitite?

Will being in heat cause the dog to loose her appetite?

Can the loss of antifreeze cause you to lose your heat?

Yes, low coolant can cause a loss of heat in the cabin.

Differentiate the heat of sublimation heat of vaporization heat of fusion and the heat gain?

heat of sublimation does not cause vapor but vaporization does

What are the cause of laziness?


What is the cause of tremendous heat on earth?

the main cause of tremendous heat on eath is because of friction hope this helps

What kind of energy is generated when atoms cause heat?

The energy which is released when atoms cause heat is thermal energy.

Does indirect sunlight cause heat?

Yes, indirect sunlight does cause heat, although not as much as direct sunlight does.

What atmospheric pressure conditions cause thunderstorms?

From the Precipitation and the warm and moist air.But when the winds and heat get to the clouds the clouds will bring the heat and electric currents from the ground,upward.and The heat molicules slowly separate and cause the heat the cause a current to go upward.

Can heat cause a bloody nose?

Most Likely, heat usually affects the head and can cause some blood loss.

What is the cause of extreme heat on Venus?

The thick atmosephere traps the heat

Why would heat cause bruise?

because heat is a powerfull energy.

What does trapped heat cause?

Trapped heat causes a climate change.

How are heat and work similar and different?

Work is a cause and heat is an effect

Does evaporation cause water to gain heat?

Evaporation absorb heat.

Will papaya cause heat?

Yes, Papaya does cause Body Heat. Excessive consumption of papaya will boost the internal heat, which you can not measure but can sense through some symptoms.

What happens when a piece of glass is exposed to intense heat?

Heat will first cause the glass to expand, which normally shatters it from its frame. Even higher heat may cause it to melt (it is already an amorphous solid). Even higher heat (3000 degrees C) can cause it to vaporize.

Would the water pump cause low heat from heater?

a bad water pump could cause low heat. The heater uses the coolant from the pump to generate heat.

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Can heat cause headaches?