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Q: Does how many in math mean to multiply?
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Does the math term ratio mean multiply?

No, the math term ratio doesn't mean multiply.

What math can you figure out which Latin words mean many?

multiply, multiplication, multiple

What does parenthesis mean in math?


What does pq mean in math?

YOU add and multiply

What words in math mean multiplication?


What Does Half Mean In Math?

divide by 2 (or multiply by 0.5)

What does the word by mean in math?

the word by means 'times' or 'multiply'

What does times in math mean?

Times means to multiply in math as for example 4 times 3 = 12

What does produt mean in math?

When you multiply a number x a number, the product is what you get. :-)

What does the star mean when it is in the middle of your math problem?

The symbol "*" means multiply.

When there is a dot in a math problem does that mean you divide or multiply?

It means to multiply. There is also a star that means to multiply too. hope this is helpfull now.

What does multiple and factor mean in math?

the multiple means the number used to multiply. And the factor means a number to multiply or divide by

What does commutative property of multiplication mean in math?

the order in which you multiply the numbers doesn't matter. example: 6x4x2 you can multiply it in that order, or you can do 6x2x4

What does area mean in math?

No you dont you multiply using area for example: A=LxW 4mx8m A=32m

What does the term twice a number mean in math?

Twice a number means to multiply the number by 2

Does product mean answer?

in math the product means to multiply eg. product of 2 and 10 = 20

In math what does the square mean?

When you multiply a number by itself, you square the number. The square of 3 is 9.

How many 4pounds are in kilograms?

there are 2.2 pounds in a kilo so do the math and multiply

What does modeling mean in math terms?

It means you divide the first number of the problem by 7, then multiply that by 6. There is your answer.

What does product mean in math wise?

The product is the answer you get when you multiply two numbers. The two numbers are called factors. The number the factors make when you multiply them is called the product

What math term can you figure out which Latin word means many?

multiply, multiplication, multiple

If it says about how many times does that mean that you are going to subtract or multiply?

you multiply

What math words start with m?

math, multiples, multiply, meter, monomial, median, mode, mean, midpoint, mixed number, minimum, minor, measure, maximum

Do you multiply the product in math?


What operation is compare in math?