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You can bargain for either but it is much cheaper to get 12 months.

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Q: Does inshape have a contract one month 12 month?
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How much is James yap?

220 a month he contract of bmeg 12 million in 3 years

If you signied a contract can they change your hours?

You will have to read the contents of your contract. Also, if the contract if a 12-month contract, read carefully before you sign every year as things might change from year to year.

How much is James yap's salary?

220 a month he contract of bmeg 12 million in 3 years

Where can you buy a cheap blackberry 8520?

well if you are in England you can go on the virgin media website and if you are a virgin media customer you get it free on a £10 per month contract and if you aren't you can get it free on a £12 per month contract , hope that helped :)

Can you lease a car for a month?

Very less car hire companies offer one month subscription. Most of the car companies offer minimum 6 months and maximum of 12 month car leaseafter this period you have to renew the contract.

How do you get out of your cell phone plan?

You will have to pay an 'exit fee' equivalent to any unused months of your contract. For example - say you're in month 7 of a 12 month contract. You would pay for the remaining five unused months. Speak your service provider for clarification.

Is 12 month one year?


I have a 24 month contract with vodafone. Im 12 months through my contract and my phone is a bit rubbish. Can i just buy a new phone and insert the sim card from my current phone?


What fraction of one year is one month?


How can you cancel your gym membership because you joined another gym?

Depends what your contract with the gym says, usually it is a twelve month contract first and then after the initial 12 months you have to give the gym one months notice that you want to cancekl the membership, best to ask your gym what the cancelation policy is

What is the average price for Vodafone contract?

the monthly rate for a vodofone varies depending on the number of months you sign up for. for a 24 month plan i saw prices from $20.50 all the way up to $31. they also appear to have 18 month and 12 month plans. so really the price varies on the terms.

When where and what month?

One of 12 in a year. You can find a month on a calender. Asking "when a month" doesnt make any sense.