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For example if the question was √36 + √25 and the other was√36 +25 but the square root line was across the whole equation would it change the answer? And what would be the answer for both of them?

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Q: Does it matter when adding square roots if the square root line is across the whole equation?
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Where does the name completing the square come from?

The first step, in solving a quadratic equation in a variable x using this method, is to complete the square defined by the terms in x2 and x, by adding and subtracting a suitable constant.

What is this number 2500000000000000?

This answer is simple. It is 3. I can show this by dividing it by the hypotenuse of the triangle 3,4,5cm, then adding the cubed root to the square of this number. You then convert it into binary (1000101111010) and then you have to complete the equation by using the equation e=mc^2. I hope this helps

What are newtons equation of motion?

1st equation of motion:v=u+at 2nd equation of motion:s=ut+1/2at square 3rd equation of motion:v square-u square=2as

What equation results from completing the square and then factoring?

A quadratic equation

What is the quadratic formula cannot be used to solve an equation if the coefficient of the equation x square term is?

The quadratic formula cannot be used to solve an equation if the coefficient of the equation x square term is what?

How is a radical equation similar to a linear equation?

Technically,no. A radical equation has a radical (Square root) in it, and has two solutions because the square root can be positive or negative.

This ellipse is centered at the origin and has a horizontal axis of length 14 and a vertical axis of length 16 What is its equation?

The equation is based on formula (x - h)square / A square + (y-k)square / B square = 1. To apply to the above ellipse the equation would be similar to (x- 0) square/ 14 square + (2014 - 0) square / 16 square.

How many ft across in a square acre?

if you have a square acre how many ft. across is it

What is the shape of a quadratic equation?


What square root property is essential to solve any radical equation involvine a square root?

What square root property is essential to solve any radical equation involving square root?

Square root equation of 89?

An equation would be x = 890.5

What does Einstein's famous equation E equals mc2 stand for?

The energy (E) in any body of matter is equal to its mass (M) times the square of the speed of light (C2)

What is a type of equation with a variable in the radicand?

a square is ab square

What is a root of equation?


What is the equation for changing square feet to square yards?

1 square yard = 9 square feet

How do you find perimeter of square?

you find it by adding up the numbers of cm " in a square

What is an equation that can be used in quadratic formula completing the square and factoring?

A quadratic equation.

How do you simplify a radical equation?

When in doubt always square both sides of the equation.

When both sides of the equation are squared the resulting equation is?

Remains true. But this does not apply to square roots.

What is the equation for surface area?

The equation for surface area of a square or rectangle is length times width. The equation for surface area of a triangle is base times height, divided by 2. The equation for surface area of a circle is pi times the square of the radius.

Can the answer to a quadratic equation be a decimal?

Yes. You can calculate the two roots of a quadratic equation by using the quadratic formula, and because there are square roots on the quadratic formula, and if the radicand is not a perfect square, so the answer to that equation has decimal.

Who invented the equation emc square?

Albert Einstein

What is the equation to convert square feet to square meters?

Square feet x 10.764 = square meters.

What does it mean in algebra to complete the square?

A quadratic equation can be solved by completing the square which gives more information about the properties of the parabola than with the quadratic equation formula.

What is the perimeter equation for a square?

P_square=4L where L is the length of the side of the square.