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There are 3 main places lightening can travel from. The ground to a cloud, a cloud to a cloud, and the cloud to the ground.

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Q: Does lighting come from the ground?
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Does lighting come from the round or no?

yes it does come from the ground lighting is an oxidized column of air, the ground being the negative pole, and the air being the positive pole. Like arching a big spark.

Which of these is not a fact about lighting?

Lighting can only occur from cloud to ground.

Can lighting come from the ground?

Yes, lightning can come from the ground because the electrons want to go to the holes in the sky. Most people think that lightning comes from the clouds, but it doesn't. There is no electricity in clouds, only moisture.

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How far can lighting strike?

i guess it all depends on were it is directly at and lighting can go until it hits the ground

Why does lighting hit the ground?

i don't know ask my mom

How do I install outdoor solar lighting?

It depends on what solar lighting device you purchase. For some, all you need to do is stake them into the ground.

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How can lighting come out of my hand?

It can't

What are those lights that make your grill light up and glow like red or green i would like a name of the lights not illeagul or something smart?

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How lighting rod prevent lighting from causing house to catch on fire?

The electricity from lightning will follow a wire from the lightning rod to the ground.

Why is lighting strike so close to the ground here?

because (fork lightning in particular) lightning starts on the ground!