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If two numbers have the same sign, their product is positive.

If two numbers have opposite signs, their product is negative.

So the answer is 'yes'.

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Q: Does multipling two negative numbers equal a positive?
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Are negative numbers equal to positive numbers?


Does a double negative number equal a positive number?

no it doesnt. two negative numbers equal a negative number. two postivie numbers equal a positive number. one negative and one positive number equal a negative number.

If you multiply two negative numbers will it equal a negative or positive number?


Do Negative numbers squared equal positive numbers?

yes they do

Why does two negative numbers equal a positive?

They do not always. The sum of two negative numbers is negative.

Is a negative a positive is what?

A Negative plus a positive = a negative because negative and a positive cannot work together Negative + Negative= Positive Positive + Positive = Positive when your dealing with numbers such as : -2 + 2 would equal a negative 4 -2 +-2 would equal a positive 4

The product of two negative numbers is a what number?

negative time negative equal positive

Multiplying negative numbers?

any two negative numbers multiplied together equals a positive number. any two positives numbers multiplied together equal positive numbers and any negative and positive numbers multiplied together equals a negative.negative, negative = positivenegative, positive = negativepositive, positive = positive

Does a negative squared equal a positive or negative?

A negative number squared equals a positive number. When multiplying, odd numbers of negatives result in a negative answer, and even numbers of negatives result in a positive answer.

A positive plus a positive equals?

A positive plus a positive will equal a positive. However a negative minus a negative will not equal a negative. It will equal a positive.

When dividing two negatives does it equal a positive?

Actually it does, whenever you mulitply and divide two negative and two positive numbers they always equal a positive number. When you multiply and divide a negative and positive they always equal a negative number.

Why does the product of 3 negative numbers equal a negative number number?

Because two negative multiplied together equal a positive. So after the first multiplication we have a positive and a negative. When we multiply these we have a negative.

All positive numbers have two square root a positive and a negative why?

The product of two negative numbers is a positive number. Ergo, the product of the square of a number is equal to the square of its negative equivalent.

Dose a negative number plus a negative number equal a positive number?

No. The sum of two negative numbers will always be a negative number. If, however, you multiply the numbers, their product will be positive.

What does a negatie times a negative equal?

A negative times a negative always equals a positive, no matter what the numbers are.

A neutral object must have?

equal numbers of positive and negative charges.

Does a negative times a positive equal a negative What are the steps of multipyling negative and positive numbers?

Yes. In multiplication, the product is positive if the factors have the same sign,and the product is negative if they have oppositesigns.

What does a negative plus a positive equals?

Well, depending on the numbers it can equal a negative ora positive or 0. Hope this helps :)

Does a negative and a posotive number equal a negative?

A negative number TIMES a positive number will equal a negative number. A negative number DIVIDED BY a positive number (or vice versa) will equal a negative number. With addition and subtraction, it all depends on what the numbers are.

What do a positive and negative equal?

A positive number added to a negative number may be either positive or negative depending on the magnititude ( absolute value) of the numbers. But a positive number multiplied by a negative number is always negative.

Are negative numbers greater than less than or equal to positive numbers?

Less than.

Can the sum of two negative integers equal a positive number?

No. Adding negative numbers will make them more negative.

Does negative 5 times negative 5 equal 25?

Yes. When you multiply two negative numbers, the answer is positive.

What two numbers equal a negative 364 when multiplied but also equal a positive 12 when subtracted?

The numbers are 26 and -14

What does a negative subtract a positive equal?

a negative subtracted by a positive will always equal a negative.