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Yes. For example, you must add up the beats in a bar

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Q: Does music involve maths
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Why are mathematicians important?

maths is vital in every job. science uses a maths, history, music. most things involve maths in one way or the other.

How are maths and music related?

maths is related to music because they both are counted in number that is in maths also, music has many patterns and structure that are standard and they are similar yes, music is counted in maths and maths is counted in maths

How maths involve volley ball?

the angle at which you hit the ball depends on maths

How much maths does accounting involve and at what level is a suitable start?

How much maths does accounting involve and is it possible to do a course or apprenticeship in accounting with a c grade in mathematics gcse

What jobs are there that involve art and maths?


What sport doesn't involve maths?


How is music involved in maths?

well to tell you the truth music doesn't really have anything todo with maths math has alot to do with music.

What jobs are there that involve art maths and design?


Which job doesn't involve any maths?


What are the non acadamic activities?

Non academic activities also known as extra curricular activities can involve sport, music, debating and other activities that are not related to normal school (maths, English, science etc).

What jobs are out there that involve maths and science?

A job that involves maths and science is robotic engineering, or anything involved with physics. Check the link.

How does Film Editing involve math?

Certain values such as clip duration involve maths (They include numbers). You can select how long it takes a transition to complete. Therefore maths is VERY important for film editing to be possible.

What does an actors job involve?

every thing literacy maths and team work

Do most jobs involve math?

yes mostly all jobs contains maths

What does not involve maths?

Creative writing, preaching, comedy, most law, teaching non-mathematical subjects such as gym, cleaning, most things don't involve it.

Is maths and music a good combination?


What jobs involve mainly maths and some design?

Engineering and Mechanics. Desinging buildings etc.

How did Anciet Greeks use their music?

they used it as maths

Does music help pupils learn with maths and english?


What jobs involve the music industry?

One job that involves music is you can be a music producer. Or another job is a music tharaipist

What is the point of learning music at school?

music has been a part of every culture for thousands of years - and would you rather have music or maths?? - exactly... :)

How is maths like music?

When you get the hang of it then start to enjoy it the world goes numb all around you like music :)

What came first music or maths?

I think that largely depends on what you will classify as 'music and maths'. Beating of drums and differentiating between amounts of objects has both probably been around since the beginning of rationality. You should rather ask, when sound progressed to music, and when logic developed into formula.

What subjects do children in china learn?

maths science music and reading

Does pianoforte involve loud music?