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Q: Does next day start at midnight or a minute after?
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What time of day does the next day start?

At midnight.

When signing for midnight should you sign for the following day or the same day?

11:59 PM is the last official minute of the day. 12:00 AM is the next day.

Eating calories after midnight counts for which day?

Eating calories at midnight technically classes as the next day, In the same way that five being in the centre is still rounded up instead of down. Although midnight only lasts a minute, so eating at midnight would have to be really fast.

How many hours taken from one midnight of one day to the next midnight of that day?


If you rent a car and will be arriving after midnight to pick up the car. What day should you put in for renting the car. The day you fly in or the next day being you arrived after midnight.?

The next day.

What does 24 hundred time mean?

That sounds like a reading of the 24 hour clock: For example 1800 = 18 hundred hours = 6pm in 12 hour clock. In the 24 hour clock, the time is the number of hours and minutes since the start of the day. When the time is an exact hour, it is usually read n hundred hours. Thus 24 hundred hours is 24 hours since the start of the day. As there are 24 hours in a day, it represents the midnight at the end of a day, as oppose to 00:00 which represents the midnight at the start of the day. The midnight at the end of one day is the same as the midnight at the start of the next day. For example 24:00 Tuesday is the same time as 00:00 Wednesday. Normally, 00:00 would be used for midnight, but occasionally, 24:00 may be used to emphasise the end of a day; the last normal time (hour and minute) of a day would be 23:59.

When did you start the next day at twelve am?

There is no 12:00 AM. Midnight is properly 12:00 M, just as noon is 12:00 N, computer convenience notwithstanding. Most people in the US still use 12 am and 12 pm to refer to midnight and noon (respectively). The current day ends at exactly midnight (12:00 am) and the next day begins right after that. You could say that the next day starts the first millisecond just after the clock strikes 12:00 am (midnight).

Why Does Every Day Start At Midnight?

You can't tell if in the night every day you will go to bed. Not everyone could tell if you will go to sleep until it is dark outside. Midnight is only 12 o' Clock at Night which was only 60 seconds a minute.

Is midnight AM or PM?

Midnight is the first minute of the day. 11:59 is PM and 12:00 o'clock midnight is AM. Also, after 11:59 AM (during the day) 12:00 turns into PM.

What time is 2415?

That is not a valid time. The first minute of the day is 0000 (12 midnight), and the last minute of the day is 2359 (11:59 PM).

How do you have inexpensive Christmas fun with teens on Christmas day?

Go to the Church! let us keep Christ in Christmas! Midnight Mass is the right start, so sayeth Captain Midnight, badge # ( what else) 2359. I minute to gain!

Why is midnight not being finished?

Midnight is the point at which one day ends and the next begins, marking the switch of date. As such, it is not "finished" but rather a moment in time that transitions from one day to the next.