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yes and 0.125

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Q: Does one eighth equal twelve and a half percent?
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Related questions

Is 13 percent equal to one eighth?

Not quite. . . 13 percent is 13/100 or 0.13 one eighth is 12.5 over 100 which is 0.125 or twelve and a half per cent. The answer is that one eighth is 12 1/2 percent, that is half a percent less than 13 percent

What is twelve and one half percent?

12.5% Answer 2 It is one-eighth. The above answer is also correct.

What is the fraction 1 over 8 as a percent?

One eighth is equal to 12 and one half percent.

What is one eighth as a precent?

To express one eighth as a percent you can write: 0.125 or twelve and a half percent. It is simple division if you divide 8 into 1, you will get this answer. The same way you divide 2 into 1 to get 0.50 or fifty percent (one half); 4 into 3 to get 0.75 or 75 percent (3/4ths).

12 and one half percent is equal to what fraction?

Reduced to a vulgar fraction in its lowest terms, 12.5% is equal to 1/8, or one eighth.

How many eighth notes equal one half note?

Four. Two eighth notes equal a quarter note, and two quarter notes equal a half note.SO, this is the correct answer

Which is greater one half of one fourth or one fourth of one half?

A fourth of a half is an eighth, a half of a fourth is still an eighth. They're both equal.

How many eighth notes equal a sixteenth note?

Half. Sixteenth note is half of eighth note and is played twice as fast.

What is twelve and a half percent of 380?


What does twenty eight and a half take away three eighth equal?

Twenty-eight and one eighth.

Does one eighth tablespoon equal one half teaspoon?

You need to study basic math ! - A half is 2 parts of anything, an eighth is one of 8 parts.

Is 125 equal to twelve and a half cents?


What is twelve and a half percent in decimal form?


Does 5 percent equal a half?

no 50% i equal to one half

Is 40.5 percent equal to 4 and a half?

No, it is equal to 40 and a half

50 percent percent is equal to?

a half

What is twelve and a half minus thirteen and one eighth?

100/8 - 105/8 = -5/8

How many eighth notes equal a half note?

If you know fractions, that should be a walk in the park. 4/8 = 1/2 when reduced. This means that four eighth notes is equal to one half.

What does a quarter note plus a eighth note equal?

A quarter note is two eighth notes, so a quarter note and an eighth note would make three eighth (or one and a half quarter) notes.

Does one eighth equal one half of one quarter?


Does half of one eighth equal a quarter?

No, it equals one sixteenth.

How many eighth rest does it take to equal a half rest?


What fraction is equal to one half of one-fourth?

one eighth

How many eighth notes are equal to a dotted half note?


How many beats does an eighth rest get?

It gets half of a beat. Two eighth notes equal one quarter note.