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No, one meter dies not equal ten centimeters, one meter equals one hundred centimeters. The name for a tenth of a meter is a decimeter.

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Q: Does one meter equal ten centimeters?
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How many decimeters are equal to eight centimeters?

A decimeter is one-tenth of a meter. I.e. ten centimeters. If you have eight centimeters, then you have eight tenths of a decimeter. Or 0.8 decimeters are equal to 8 centimeters.

Does 1 cm equal 1.000 mm?

One centimeter is equal to ten millimeters. One meter is equal to 100 centimeters, and it is also equal to 1000 millimeters.

Ten centimeters equal how many meter?

10 centimeters are 1 decimeter and that is 0.1 meter.

How does a decimeter look?

A decimeter is one tenth of a meter or 10 centimeters. Ten centimeters is equal to about 3.937 inches or 3 15/16 inches.

How much is ten decimeters?

ten decimeters is one meter, or 100 centimeters.

Are dekameters smaller than meters?

No. One dekameter (or decimeter) is equal to ten meters.

How many centimeters are in one tenth of a meter?

There are 10 centimeters in one tenth of a meter, since there are 100 centimeters in a meter.

10 centimeters equals one what?

millimeter i think that's how you spell it

What is the sum of one meter plus ten centimeters?

1.1 metres.

Is 10mm bigger than 1cm?

A millimeter is one thousandth of a meter. Ten millimeters is ten thousandths of a meter which is another way of saying one hundredth of a meter. One hundredth of a meter is a centimeter.

Which is bigger 536cm or 53.6dm?

563 centimeters is exactly equal to 56. 3 decimeters. Centimeters are one hundredth of a meter and decimeters are one tenth of a meter, which means that 10 centimeters are equal to one decimeter, or that one decimeter is ten times greater than one centimeter.

Are centimeters the same as millimeters?

Centi- is the prefix for hundredth and milli- is the prefix for thousandths. A centimeter is one hundredth of a meter. A millimeter is one thousandths of a meter. There are ten millimeters in one centimeter and there are one hundred centimeters in a meter.