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Q: Does one size of ovarie can be big than the other one?
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How are stars classified by size and temperature?

it is classified by thier size because stars are big and hot. the temperature is may up to 100,000,000 hotter than other stars

Does size matter with stereo speakers?

Size is not a big issue other than for base reasons. When you have smaller speakers they look more attractive its easier to find a place to put them and they sound just as good as big speakers.

How can you make big or fat penis?

Other than surgery, there is nothing much you can do to change the size of your penis. Foods, supplements, exercises, and pumps do not permanently increase the size of the penis, and can be dangerous.

How big can cells get?

The largest cell- MUCH larger than any other cell- is the unfertilized human egg cell. It is about the size of a period.

Is bra size 32a big or 32 b?

32b bra size is bigger than size 32a

What are baby chimpanzees size?

Smaller than the big ones.

Does big and tall mens clothing typically cost more than average sized mens clothing?

Clothing prices are going to vary more by brand and style than by size. Some average size clothing will cost less than big and tall men's clothing, other average sizes will cost more.

How big was Jesus when he was a baby?

According to the Holy Bible, there is no record of the Christ-Child being anything other than normal size & appearance at birth!

What is big size family?

A nuclear family with more than 6 children is usually considered as a big family. Polygamous families and the extended families are generally considered as big size.

How big can pegmatite get?

usually larger than 2.5 cm in size

How can you make your penis big without tablets?

The size of your various body parts is the result of genetics and diet. Eat a nutritious diet and you will grow to your full size. Other than that, your body proportions will not change, and do not need to change. Your penis is big enough. Use it wisely.

How can I find out the right size running shoe to buy when I am shopping online?

If you have any other shoes that are similar to running shoes like hightops, then you can stick with that size. But, it would be better to buy half a size too big rather than half a size too small. If ti's too big, you can easily tighten the laces and it woluld fit.