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10 decimeters =1 meter

10,000 decimeters =100meters which is 1/10th of a km so yes

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A decimeter is one-tenth of a meter. I.e. ten centimeters. If you have eight centimeters, then you have eight tenths of a decimeter. Or 0.8 decimeters are equal to 8 centimeters.

A liter is a cube exactly one tenth of a meter (1 decimeter) on a side.There are ten decimeters in a meter and so ten thousand of decimeters in a kilometer (1000 meters)There are exactly: 10 000 * 10 000 * 10 000 = 1 000 000 000 000 liters in a cubic kilometer (1012)(in the English language there are conflicting names for this number so I won't write the name in letters)

move the decimal point two places to the right to change decimeters (one-tenth of a meter) to millimeters (one-thoudandth of a meter) 0.35 decimeters = 35 millimeters

30.thirty decimeters in three meters(i think a decimeters is a tenth of a meter).

Yes. Kilo means a thousand, and deci means one tenth.

One tenth (1/10) of a kilometer (1,000 meters) is equal to 100 meters.

If 1000 meters is a kilometer 100 is a tenth of a kilomater

Nope - a decimetre is one tenth (or 10cm) - so - 1000 decimetres would be 100m

39370.08 inches equal 10000 decimeters. One decimeter is one-tenth of a meter. A meter equals 39.37 inches.

kilo means thousand so 1 kilometer is 1000 meters 100 m is 0.100 km one tenth of a kilometer

a metric unit of measure equal to a thousand meters

A decimeter is one tenth of a meter so there are 10 decimeters in a meter.

One tenth of seventy thousand is seven thousand.

563 centimeters is exactly equal to 56. 3 decimeters. Centimeters are one hundredth of a meter and decimeters are one tenth of a meter, which means that 10 centimeters are equal to one decimeter, or that one decimeter is ten times greater than one centimeter.

One kilometer = 1000 meters One tenth of a kilometer = 1000/10 = 100 meters

0.00045 is not equal to a tenth; 0.1 is a tenth.

dm could be decimeters, which are 1 tenth of a meter

Ten hundredths equal a tenth. 0.001 hundreds equal a tenth.

Rounded to the nearest hundred thousand, 4009682 is approximately equal to 4000000.

2/10 of a kilometer = 218.723 yards.

a kilometer is 1000 metres and a decimeter is one tenth of a metre

A decimetre is one tenth of a metre - or 0.1m. To convert metres to decimetres, you therefore need to divide the number by 10 (or multiply by 0.1). Thus: 0.50m would be equal to 5 dm.

No. 0.1 is equal to 1 tenth.